• Susie Sunshine

    I had one of my babies in my lap while trying to eat Thanksgiving Dinner many years ago. A big dollop of mashed potatoes slipped off my fork and landed right on top of his little bald head.

    I licked it off.

  • pixie

    this must make every mother, especially new, crack up. i have dropped so many things on miles-lasagna just two nights ago, ice cream, cake, beans, and tons of bready crumbs! of course he doesn’t notice. having just started him on bananas, avocados and rice cereal, i think he’ll soon be a bit more interested in what is falling from the sky onto his head and sleeves and i’ll have to be more careful!!! i love your illustrations! so cute.
    i have great metabolism and am nursing (he’s 5.5 months) and i gained 40 lbs with miles. i’m down to the last ten without trying, so hang in there. your body needs so many calories to breast feed. at about 7-8 months you’ll have to eat a pint of cherry garcia each night to keep your original weight on, i’ll bet.
    you’re doing great!!!!! look away when you see the barbie dolls behind the orange curtain….
    LOVE IT HERE! pix

  • Justyna

    I think an even better title could be “Crumby Mommy”! Ha ha. We can all relate. Your illustrations are awesome. (Do you do them in PhotoShop????)

  • Christina

    my little brother had the affectionate nick name of crumb bum.. Now I think I know why!

    I used to drop crumbs on my little one as well.. none the worse for wear. What used to cause rolls of laughter in my house, was using my enormous pregnant belly as a table.. and watching the baby with in try to kick it off!

  • Jamie

    I love your illustrations. That is so cute. My sister-in-law and I discussed putting together a list of foods you could eat with relative ease while breastfeeding. I was constantly dropping food on the baby’s head last summer. :)

  • ginger incognito

    Just think of all the great smells Baby Bug is getting to know! Thanks to a baby who REFUSED to be fed via anything that was not my boob or on a spoon, I would rush home from work during my lunch break every day. This meant I would nurse baby while eating, thus foodstuffs would occasionally fall on her bitty head. She never seemed to notice, much less mind.

  • jess

    Aside from the crumbs on the baby, i always found plenty of crumbs in the nooks and cranny’s of the nursing bra. That’s what baby wearing gets you.

  • Steph

    That’s so cute!!! I was holding my friends new baby and dropped food on her head the other night. Too funny!!!

    You really have a knack for getting it just right!!!

  • american girl

    I dropped a wee little fleck of popcorn in my baby’s EYE two weeks ago…oh, the GUILT that immediately surged up, you wouldn’t believe it. I wanted to bawl.

    “Suck it out,” said my husband.

    “I’m not sucking on her EYEBALL,” I said. So I ran her into the bathroom and splashed (cold!) water into her eye, which immediately dislodged the fleck of popcorn and startled her into the saddest, mom-I-can’t-believe-you-just-did-that screams. Maybe I should have just sucked on her eyeball.