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Boob Daddy

As we were having a splenda sweet family moment the other day… the three of us lounging on our bed in the afternoon sunshine… me sitting up against the headboard giving my boobs a much needed rest and Toby cooing at the baby… Toby said to me, “I really think she’s looking at me. She’s starting to focus and show interest.”

It really did seem that Baby Bug was staring intently at Toby’s very distinguished looking tortoiseshell glasses. They say that babies love to look at contrast and Toby’s glasses have a lot of contrast. But then, it also looked like she was staring at his nose.

“I think she just wants to suck on your nose,” I said. So Toby leaned in closer to see. Sure enough Baby Bug opened up her mouth as if to take giant suck off Toby’s nose.

“She just thinks of me as a giant boob!!!”

“Yeah,” I answered. “Now you know how I feel.”

* * *
Update: Things are going much much better and Baby Bug is getting more and more adorable every day in spite of my constant complaining about how much nursing sucks coconuts.

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  • amy

    Nursing can suck coconuts and you get to complain as much as you want. Nursing is hard hard hard work and you are a rock star to do it.