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    Arctic Walk

    To dispel the doom and gloom of yesterday, I decided to take the bug out for a walk. Getting out and about always cheers me up. The problem is, these days I start everything way too late. I didn’t get outside until about 5 pm and it was freezing cold!!!! Well, for Southern California it was cold. I’d say it was about 50 degrees farenheit, which to me is like 29 degrees below zero. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

    I bundled Baby Bug up in long pants, a onsie with long fold-over sleeves, some socks that actually stay on (Trumpettes by the way, best baby socks ever! Thank you Kate.) a hat and a blanket! I bundled myself up in a thin sweatshirt and my old favorite red beanie. I’ve missed my old red beanie.

    I didn’t wear it for my entire pregnancy because I thought it made my face look round and chubby. I do not like my round and chubby face. Never mind that it’s genetics and the sooner I embrace it the better. But now, post pregnancy, I’m a new woman! There’s nothing like being pregnant to make you feel incredibly skinny when it’s all over. I love stepping on the scale these days. No matter what I eat, I keep losing weight. Just like you all predicted, the pounds are falling off.

    But I was talking about my walk in the arctic. It was freezing cold and I felt guilty for taking Baby Bug out in the ice cold breeze. But she seemed comfortable enough, all snuggled up in a sling and threatening to smother herself to death in my chest. She slept for the entire walk.

    On our way back home, I crossed paths with a couple who also had a baby. The dad had a sling strapped to his chest just like mine. I couldn’t help myself, it was like we belonged to the same club or something. I stopped them and asked them how old their baby was. “Five weeks, going on six,” said the dad. Then the mom, with bags under her eyes and a big baggy un-tucked shirt said, “Isn’t it nice to get out and feel human again?”

    It is. I agreed. It is.

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