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    Baby’s First Beach Day

    I didn’t intend today to be Baby Bug’s first beach day. I didn’t even know it was nice weather at the beach. It was sort of overcast, not your typical beach day. I just decided to take a walk and since I had strapped Baby Bug into the sling* instead of taking the stroller, I thought I’d trek down the hill to the sand, for exercise. But then when we got down to the sand, it was so beautiful I had to stay. I took Baby Bug out of the sling and let her lay on her blanket. She loves the beach! She nestled right down and took a little snooze. I think she remembered all the times I took her down there in the womb.

    It just makes me so thankful that she’s here. I’ve dreamed of moments like this my entire life. She’s going to be my little beach girl.

    *I know this sling is bad for my back. I have three slings and this is the only one Baby Bug seems to like. She screams when I put her in the other ones. She’s a very opinionated baby.

    post post:

    All night long I lay awake worrying, “My blog readers are going to think I take Baby Bug to the beach all the time and I’m going to fry her baby skin and she’ll grow up to get skin cancer!” But of course when I woke up this morning, all I see are nice comments. Because my blog readers are nice blog readers (to a fault sometimes). So, I just wanted to add that I am concerned about Baby Bug’s fairness and I will be taking all precautions to prevent any sun damage to her pretty (although somewhat bumpy and spotty) skin.