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Baby’s First Beach Day

I didn’t intend today to be Baby Bug’s first beach day. I didn’t even know it was nice weather at the beach. It was sort of overcast, not your typical beach day. I just decided to take a walk and since I had strapped Baby Bug into the sling* instead of taking the stroller, I thought I’d trek down the hill to the sand, for exercise. But then when we got down to the sand, it was so beautiful I had to stay. I took Baby Bug out of the sling and let her lay on her blanket. She loves the beach! She nestled right down and took a little snooze. I think she remembered all the times I took her down there in the womb.

It just makes me so thankful that she’s here. I’ve dreamed of moments like this my entire life. She’s going to be my little beach girl.

*I know this sling is bad for my back. I have three slings and this is the only one Baby Bug seems to like. She screams when I put her in the other ones. She’s a very opinionated baby.

post post:

All night long I lay awake worrying, “My blog readers are going to think I take Baby Bug to the beach all the time and I’m going to fry her baby skin and she’ll grow up to get skin cancer!” But of course when I woke up this morning, all I see are nice comments. Because my blog readers are nice blog readers (to a fault sometimes). So, I just wanted to add that I am concerned about Baby Bug’s fairness and I will be taking all precautions to prevent any sun damage to her pretty (although somewhat bumpy and spotty) skin.


  • Dana

    :) I have an opinionated baby too! She definitely digs our pouch-sling better than the wrap style one I just bought so I could wear her while doing more vigorous chores. I think she might like it better once she is big enough to be worn on my back and peek around at the world.

    I envy you your beach….it is 30 degrees here and we spend our days indoors wrapped in polar fleece.

  • mar

    It’s only bad for your back if you think that – doesn’t matter what we think! My kids all liked the carrier much better than a sling. Do what feels best for you (and BB, of course!)

    Judging by the contented look on BB’s face – looks like you’re doing fine! I agree with the posters above…. it was 5 degrees when I went to bed last night. The beach sounds wonderful to me!

  • JennB

    I love the one where her arms and legs are up in the air but she looks like she’s asleep. It’s great. Remember – the sun is ok, in moderation (just like everything else). In fact, there are lots of cases where kids are getting whatever disease they get when they don’t get enough sun, because parents don’t let them out in it! You’re doing JUST FINE. And with snow here – finally – I am jealous of the beach!

  • PJ

    I’m confident that you will take all the proper precautions … but just as JennB says – being outside is good for kids. They need sunlight (all humans do)….and well, what’s not to like at the beach?

    She does look like a very happy baby – you’re doing great just like we knew you would!


    P.S. I have been told by my husband that the fact that a woman worries about whether or not she’s being a good mother nearly always means she is a good mother. ;-)

  • Kristin

    The bumpiness and spottiness is temporary, then it returns to glowy goodness.

    How lucky you are to have the beach so near! Beautiful pictures as always.

  • Matthew Miller

    PJ’s comment about what makes a good mother seem spot-on. :)

    Anyway, I think skin cancer fears can be overblown — it’s actually pretty easy to detect and treat skin cancer, because it’s, well, obvious. Meanwhile, lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency, which in turn is linked to prostate, breast and colon cancer. So, all things in moderation.

    A technical aside: I know you do the animated gifs to get more pictures in less space, but it’s sad to see your nice photos covered in banded dots from the dithering. I’d prefer to see more jpgs taking up more space.

  • sunshine daydream

    Actually, the sun may help clear up her acne. Everything in moderation, of course. It will certainly help you!!!

  • Hay Lady

    Delurking to tell you I love your blog! Baby Bug is so sweet. I can totally relate to your feelings of worry. Been there, done that! Those beach trips are fantastic. Having grown up in that area, I have to say I am so jealous!!!

    Your other comments were correct, throw out the book. Give Baby Bug the paci and be happy! My first son was formula fed only and was obsessed with his pacifier & blankee until he was way too old for both. Son #2 came along and I was going the breast feeding route and didn’t want to “mess it up” with a pacifier. What a mistake!!! He is now almost 15 months old and still wants to have the boob in his mouth to fall asleep. No pacifier will do (trust me, I have bought every kind they make) and no blankee either. Eeeekkk!!! If you would like some form of sanity back give her the paci!!!

    Oh, and for the diaper rash, NOTHING works better than Bordeaux’s Butt Paste. Pricier than A&D, but works so well. There is the link, so you can see what the packaging looks like. I get it at Target, so it should be fairly easy to find for you. Also, a little oatmeal in her bath is a great idea. Aveeno makes packets you can buy if you don’t want to make it yourself.

    Hope that helps! Keep it up. You’re doing just fine!

  • halloweenlover

    You and Baby Bug look so beautiful, SAJ!!! And in the last photo, you look so thin!

    I think you and Baby Bug are doing fantastic. You are so lucky to live so near the beach! Baby Bug is going to grow up with wonderful memories.

  • Nila

    You two look beautiful on the beach. My son had baby acne, and it seemed to last a month. It’s hard to look at, and all you want to do is kiss their soft cheeks, but they’re not soft. It will pass.

    Don’t listen to what the books say. They are only a guide, and don’t need to be followed verbatim. We are talking human beings, and no book can tell you exactly how to grow a human. Woudn’t it be so much easier if ithey did.

  • Lissa

    We still have lots of snow on the ground…so jealous of the sun and sand. I just wanted to delurk to say: wash her face with just warm water and a clean face cloth, then shampoo her hair with mild shampoo and rinse, then dry her face and head. Wash her body in the tub separately with clean water and gentle soap. Sounds obvious but it helped my baby.

  • Adam

    Another one jealous of the beach,ocean and sun. Here I was excited it is sunny and almost 40. Gotta love Michigan! UGGGG!

    Great pictures!

    Adam, SAHD to Noah and Emilie

  • Texas T-bone

    This being posted after you post-post …

    Overcast days are the best at the beach (there’s not much natural shade), and don’t be shy about using sunscreen. Check with her doctor, and only use infant sunscreens to be safe (but they do make them). Also, keeping her fairly covered when she’s young.

    Besides all that unsolicited advice, yay for beach babies! I will be beaching it sometime this summer.