Big Day Out

Baby Bug and I had a big day today. Of course my day started at 3am but her’s really got into gear around 9am when she had her first bath at the kitchen sink. She didn’t like it too much. I only sponge bathed her and didn’t even use soap but she still thought it was way too much. (The soap in the picture is just for aesthetics, I didn’t end up using it.) Sensitive skin runs on both sides of the family so I’m not taking any chances. Then she ate and slept and ate and slept and ate and slept some more. It’s hard work eating and sleeping all the time.

The big news of the day is that we went out today. Scary! Scary! It was only yesterday that I was thinking that going to the mail box was too far. Today we went to the hospital for a breast feeding clinic so I could take up the matter of my um… raw and bleeding hamburger like nipples with a lactation consultant. My friend Kate picked me up because I’m still way too scared to drive. Baby Bug looked like a midget next to her eight month old son in the car seat next to her. Wow, eight month olds are HUMUNGOUS!!! He didn’t like her too much and cried the whole ride. I think he was teething. Baby Bug didn’t seem to mind the crying a bit. She slept the whole way.

Baby Bug loved the clinic. She ate two whole ounces and didn’t chew me up a bit. The nurses had to show her around the whole office exclaiming how cute her cheeks were. The nurse who was helping me also informed me that Baby Bug has a strong will. I didn’t think you could tell at this young age but apparently when you see babies every day all day long, you can. And apparently, Baby Bug knows what she wants and she wants it now. Phew! What am I in for? But the same nurse also told me that a strong will can be a sign of intelligence so I’m going to try and focus on that and not on her stubbornness.

How could the nurse tell this from a quick 1 hour meeting? Well, Baby Bug likes to flail her arms about when she’s attempting to latch on and she ends up beating me up like a boxer so hard that she can’t get her mouth where it is supposed to go. I actually have to bind her arms back with a burp rag to make any progress. By then she’s so mad and red in the face, she’s broken capillaries in her cheeks. But thankfully the redness clears up pretty quick and she manages to keep her perfect skin that everyone is always raving about. She was supposed to have jaundice by now (since they had to suction cup her head pretty hard and that can cause pretty bad jaundice) but she looks like she’s going to beat it. Yay for good skin!

I had to call Toby to tell him he has a strong willed child. He was proud. She takes after him, I guess. Though my mom tells me I was a difficult nurser as well.

So that was our big day with scary baths and being out in the big outside world where there are germs and car wrecks to get into.

And we lived to tell about it!