Baby Bug’s First Post

Hi Everyone! My name is Baby Bug, aka Little Bug, Baby Spy, Petite Spy, Spylette, The Squirmer, Miss Thang and all that, otherwise known as H to the E to the LENA. Well I just wanted to pop in and tell you that my mom has totally lost her marbles. She’s all discombobulated. I keep trying to tell her that I’m the one who’s supposed to be the cry baby but she’s a big wus. But don’t worry, she’s not “depressed” or anything. She’s just a basket case. She’s laughing and smiling and on top of the world one minute and hugging me all the time (I’m like, please mom, can you stop it with the hugging) and the next she’s stressing out because she can’t remember when she last took an advil and her stitches are something something something with some bad words that I’m not allowed to say. I guess her butt hurts or something.

Peace Out Blogland. My mom’s gonna feed me. I have tons more to tell you but all I care about is you know… the boob. It’s serving milk now, much tastier than that other stuff. Until next time!

Over and Out!

Baby Bug