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At Least I Have Sunsets

Nope. No baby yet. In fact I’m pretty much resigned to the idea that I’m going to have to be induced and that won’t happen until the 25th or so. I don’t really want to go through that but as the days go by and I see no new symptoms, I’m accepting the fact that I’m probably going to be part of that 80 percent of new moms who deliver late. Of course. Why would I go against the grain?

So yeah, I’m going crazy. I feel like a cow. I hate to go out of the house because nothing fits and I look like a freak. I’m already stressing about how I’m going to lose all this weight post baby. I know, I know… breast feeding is like hooking up to a human liposuction machine (thanks to Carrie for that image) but it isn’t consoling me.

But when I do go out, at least I am rewarded by beautiful sunsets!

I’m sorry to be down today… I really do appreciate you crossing all your “bendy parts” for me. I just… well, I WANT THIS BABY ALREADY! I’m perturbed at her because I think she’s being stubborn. Toby says it’s my fault not the baby’s fault. He says my insides are too healthy and they won’t let her come out. Whatevs.