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Hello Week Twelve!

Hello Week Twelve!*

You were right! I woke up one day and I felt better! It’s fantastic. I think I should throw myself a little party. It happened yesterday night (morning?) at three am. Toby came to bed whispering/muttering about a work project he had spent all night on and was really worried about. Of course I woke up, like I always do, and then… (this is the good part) I proceeded to brainstorm about his project into the wee hours of the morning! I actually had a creative thought! In fact I had so many of them I couldn’t go back to sleep. When seven am finally rolled around, I hopped out of bed (did you notice the verb? I hopped!) and snuck off to my laptop to create the biggest surprise for Toby this side of that pregnancy test I took back in April.

I worked and I worked and I worked. And by the time Toby woke up I had a complete 16 page brochure completely mocked with pictures and fold outs and a nifty little additional mini mock up so he could see how the whole thing folded. I also had a three paragraph speech all prepared about all the bells and whistles we could add to this brochure to impress the socks off his client. We’re talking special card stock and embossing and vellum and even a little music box song that would start playing when you opened the very last page. I even sang a little bit of it to get Toby in the mood. It was the best surprise EVER!

Well, until he told me his client would never go for it.

But that was okay because I helped him! I kick started his brain and together we worked on the project all day yesterday and I’m proud to say it is DONE! WOOOO HOOOOO! His meeting is at 10 am today and I’m so happy to know I was part of it. In fact Toby might even say (this is pushing it a little bit, but I throw caution to the wind) he might not have been able to do it without me!

I’M SO HAPPY TO HAVE MY OLD SELF BACK! Cross your fingers that this sticks. I think it will.

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So far here are the latest updates with the poppy-meister-baby:

1. She has fingers!

2. My belly has officially gone from the chubby side of flat to permanently bloated.

3. I cannot wear my jeans. It’s like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner every day. Good thing I already own a lot of empire wasted sun dresses.

4. Food schmood. What was all that fuss about? Now I can eat anything. Bring on the food.

5. Except coffee. Coffee still smells like rancid coffee grounds in garbage disposal juice.

6. No more nausea! Heartburn, yeah… but I can deal with that.

7. I actually had time to shave my legs in the shower today. What a concept! I guess before I must have just been standing there like mush and the hot water ran out before I even thought of doing anything besides shampoo my hair.

8. My prenatal vitamins rock. When I get a zit, it heals twice as fast.

9. Sometimes I feel twinges and pains and strains if I get up too fast. I’m already starting to get out of bed as if I had a planet strapped to my belly. Oh boy, am I in for it.

10. Like Laura would say, there is no number ten.

*So you’re probably wondering how the blankety blank I’m keeping track of my weeks because just a few days ago I said I was at week 10. Well, here’s the thing, It’s like how you count how old a baby is. You can’t say they are one year’s old until they are 1 year and 1 day or whatever… So even though today I am 11 weeks and 1 day into week 12, I can’t say I’m 12 weeks. That wouldn’t be until next Tuesday. So a few days ago I said I was at week 10 even though I was at the very end of week 11. I should have said I was 10 weeks and a so many days but WHATEVER…. you get the jest? I’m just not that into math.