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It’s Not What You Think

Nope, that’s not me. I wish. No new news on the pregnancy watch here at Ponnay and Ponnay. But wouldn’t it be great if I jinxed myself and got pregnant now and I had morning sickness every day while I was in Paris? Well, it wouldn’t be cool but it would totally be worth it.

Anyway the prego lady is just a little something something I’m working on for a client. I hope she picks this concept because it’s very fun to illustrate. We’ll see.

Phew! I’ve been busy. Busy is good. Toby just informed me that he expects me to make XX a year or go back to work. XX is a ton more than I’m making!! XX is a ton more than I used to make when I was working! Here I am knocking on wood and thinking I’ve finally found my groove in life and then reality sets in.

It’s not that Toby expects a lot of me, it’s just that everything got so dang expensive! I guess in my mind I’m still thinking I’m in 1990 or something. I’m thinking I can buy a house and make $2000 a month payments. I mean, yeah I could make $2000 a month payments on a five story mansion in… Utah! But not here in Newport Beach. Reality is harsh.