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    And We’re Off!

    And We’re Off!

    Nothing very exciting is happening yet. I’m just killing time in a connector airport and what do know, there’s wireless internet here! I love the information age. As long as I have my laptop I will never be bored again! I’ll probably turn into some nerd with bad posture and no social skills outside my virtual life here on the internet but hey! I’m happy!

    So far everything is going smoothly. Lufthansa didn’t balk at all about my extra inch I’m carrying on my carryon luggage. In fact I even had to carry an extra bag because I’m bringing my 10D camera for my sister-in-law to use. I was supposed to hand it off to her before we went through security but she was no where in sight. So I went through security with all three bags and nobody said a thing.

    I’d say things are off to a swell start!

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