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    Illustration Friday: Crowded

    The Anti Illustration Friday: not Crowded

    I’m rebelling. The word for Illustration Friday is “crowded” this week. But in honor of the most beautiful beach day ever, I am illustrating it NOT crowded. Because that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping it’s just me and the sun and the sand when I get myself down there tomorrow. (Also because I started on this late and I don’t really have time to draw in all the other people. What’s with the new illustration Friday not being on Friday anymore!). So I’m not participating this week. Sigh…

    I didn’t make it down to the beach today because I thought I had a deadline. I sweated away in the house while the butterflies mocked me in the warm breezes outside. (Have you seen the butterflies lately? They’re out in swarms!) Then later I found out I didn’t have a deadline so all that sweating and stressing was in vain! I hate it when that happens.

    It’s days like this that are the reason I became my own boss. So what kind of boss am I if I make myself stay inside and work for no reason? To make things right, I’m declaring tomorrow (which is probably today when you are reading this) an official beach day. Whatever can’t be done on an official beach day can be done late late at night or on another day when it’s foggy and crappy.

    Please let it not be foggy and crappy tomorrow!

    I was also thinking of illustrating myself when I was eight and I had too many teeth in my mouth because my baby teeth never fell out. My nickname was “snaggle tooth”. Now that would have been a good entry for “crowded”. Maybe my mom has a photo I can post later.

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    Yippee Yippee Skippy

    Yippee Yippee Skip-py! Yippee Yippee, Skip-py!

    I have great news. With a little finagling and a few airline fees, I have extended my five day tour in Paris to ten! TEN!!!! That’s five more days all on my own with just my mom. Woot! We figure in the first five days we will get the hang of things and hopefully know how to get around Paris by ourselves. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a clue, I don’t even have hotel reservations AND I don’t speak any French. But I do have a good feeling about this.

    Now back to doing my little happy dance…

    Yippee Yippee Skip-py! Yippee Yippee, Skip-py…