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Slow News Day

How many times have I used that title? Far too many. But today I am on strike because our coffee maker is broken. (No caffeine=no brain activity.) It just gasped it’s last gasp. You should have heard it. I might try and resurrect it just so I can film the death rattle sounds it makes when it’s trying to heat up the water. It seriously sounds like it’s channeling evil spirits from the dead. My coffee maker is possessed! I don’t think it’s going to coffee maker heaven. Maybe I’ll try and sell it at the big garage sale my mom and I are planning. Maybe some lucky fellow will want to tinker with it and bring it back to life.

But since I don’t have that to show you or anything else exciting, I thought I’d show you this other action packed suspense movie I’ve been working on. (660KB a very very small quicktime movie!)