• Moody Blues


    I’m in a bit of a down mood today. Things are difficult. Things that I can’t really talk about on this blog, you know. Things.

    I wish there were walk-in appointments with counselors. I just want to go sit on somebody’s couch who really cares and cry my eyes out. But I haven’t had much luck with that. Usually they want me to do x or y to solve my problems and no matter how much I look at x and contemplate y, I can’t bring myself to do either. So I just abuse you, dear internet, and hopefully you’ll look at the pretty pictures and not feel too jipped.

    Because no matter how sad I feel today I still have Paris! I’m sure you are wondering… what will you do when you don’t have Paris to look forward to? Oh don’t worry. I’ve got a slew of things I’m looking forward to. Paris is just the tip of the iceberg! In spite of my down days, it’s great to be alive.