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    Girls of Summer: OC weekend (photo dump)

    starting our trip off with Starbucks

    We started at Starbucks—a very expensive choice made by me but happily accepted by four non-coffee frappuccino-slurping girls. I really need to curb my caffeine habit.

    dinner on the pier

    Then we took Bug to gymnastics (Ballet was out for the week) and afterwards Toby took all of us to dinner on the pier in Balboa. The good thing about not seeing Toby for a whole week is that when he does see us, he doesn’t mind if there are FIVE rowdy girls instead of just two. It was a real circus.

    M on the pier

    We took Bug’s good friend “Boo” from the neighborhood. We may have been trying to show off how cool the ocean is. She was happy to oblige us and be impressed.

    sisters getting along

    And the nieces. They miss their mom so much that whenever I suggested we take a picture of them together for her, they cuddled together like two little chicks and didn’t even whack each other, which is often their habit.

    us on the pier

    Us on the pier. I really need to try and be in more pictures.


    The light was really cool as the sun was setting because there was this heavy fog bank that blocked the rays that would normally blind you. So we got to take interesting unusual pictures we normally couldn’t see.

    walking to the car

    Long shadows on the walk back to the car…


    And more getting-along-nieces shots. Where did Rapunzel get such pretty lips? Not my side of the family.


    Of course Pouty McPouterson had to join the party.

    racing to the sea

    Thankfully the fun wasn’t hampered. “Don’t get wet!” I threatened in vain. Words to the wind, words to the wind…

    surf dancers

    Balboa Pier

    Pretty pier.


    Boo is properly excited.

    nieces Toby loves his girls

    It’s too bad I have my point-and-shoot camera set up to take super vertical shots and I cut off Super Chic’s face but I still love this photo. It really is a “slice of life.” A super narrow skinny slice. Super Chic is handing me shells to keep forever but of course I put them in some pocket and they are probably lost in the washing machine now. I love Rapunzel’s cackle.

    beach girl Toby and Bug

    More slices.

    goodnight, Sun

    seaweed jump rope

    I love this shot of Boo playing jumprope with a piece of kelp. She wasn’t afraid of the slimy kelp at all. That’s my kinda kid.

    breakfast on number 5

    The next day we initiated Boo into our traditional breakfast of doughnuts on lifeguard tower number five.

    doughnuts on the lifeguard tower

    patriotic doughnut

    Patriotic sprinkles were enjoyed.

    chomp diggin' the tradition

    long live doughnuts!


    and they're off

    And then they were off to the sea. There really was no stopping them.

    riding together

    Catching a few rides in the morning soup.

    surfs up

    This kid was unstoppable. She’s never had a boogie board before because technically she doesn’t know how to swim yet. But really, she can swim. She’s in the water more than she’s out and she’s not afraid to get her face wet at all. If she had her way, we would have been at the ocean all day and all night for probably the rest of the year. She never gets cold and she never gets tired. She borrowed a board this year and she may have found her life’s calling. I think I know what I’m getting her for her birthday this year: her own board.

    Eric and Deb

    Deb and Eric stopped by for a quick visit. I love my old beach friends.

    me and Deb

    By the way, Deb is on twitter now! One of these days I’ll get her to put up her own website. She really needs one. She has such amazing art.

    Deb's beautiful mess paintings everywhere

    We stopped by her house for a quick chat and I snuck in a few more photos of her art-filled house. She calls it a mess. I call it beautiful.

    rocks from Texas

    looks like cc Deb's bedroom

    Rapunzel was looking particularly pretty and blue-eyed next to this stunning painting. Not sure which is prettier.

    walking to the beach

    And then back to the beach! This time with sunblock.

    surfer girl

    Woooo-eeeeee! Boo took to the waves like a natural.

    monkey suit

    jump! spin spin

    Bug stuck to the sand, much to my relief. I took a book to read but I couldn’t get much reading done because I was constantly looking up to count off my chicks. One, two, three, four. Phew. They’re all still alive. Then back to reading.

    summer reading

    Which by the way, is a very good book Did you know Journey Mama wrote it? She’s such beautiful writer.

    the eve tree

    It’s just as much of a pleasure to read as her blog. She has a way with details…I’m completely engrossed in the story and quite attached to all of the characters. I’m not done yet but when I am, I’m going to have her do a guest post and maybe even a give away. I really think you all would enjoy reading it too. It’s a keeper. Of course I’m personally invested because it’s set in Northern California which is near and dear to my heart.

    riding the waves to the end

    But back to Southern California and the waves…

    sun kissed

    help! I'm burried alive!

    I think it’s safe to say, a good time was had.

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    Her First Dance Recital

    Bug's and her ballet teacher

    This Saturday was Bug’s first dance recital. It was so awesome. Her performance itself was not awesome at all but we weren’t expecting much. She got up there on stage and smiled and looked cute in her adorable costume and that’s all we could ask for. That’s her teacher above. I love her so much. I’m really sad that she’s going to be Sleeping Beauty for Disney Tokyo in Japan and won’t be teaching ballet anymore. But it was really cool while it lasted. Bug is going to miss her.

    Anyway, you want to see her performance right? It should load below if the internet is cooperating with me.

    Yeah, stupid me. I didn’t make sure my camera was in focus before I started filming and then half the time I wasn’t even paying attention to the camera and let it list off to the side. I’m sorry about that. But you’ll have to forgive me. I was going bananas because my little itty bitty girl was up on stage!!! Oh, it was so cute. I may have cried a little bit.

    I wasn’t even supposed to be filming. This is contraband footage you’re looking at. Although, between you and me, every single parent there was filming with their iphones and spy cameras. The theatre didn’t want us to film because they sell a super expensive dvd of the whole production at the end but Toby and I weren’t about to shell out money to the man.

    That is until we sat through the entire production and had our socks blown off by how good it was. The little girls were so cute and the big girls were so amazing. I fell in love with dance all over again. And I’ve never even danced (outside of that one class I took in college where I kicked everyone accidentally.)

    As soon as the curtain fell, Toby beelined it for the dvd sales desk. He was sold. Which is really cool because before this recital he was talking about having Bug drop out of ballet. He just never really thought it was that important. And since he is the one who pays for her to have gymnastics and ballet lessons (it’s part of our co-parenting deal), that’s kind of a bad thing for Bug and I who happen to LOVE ballet. Toby won’t admit it but I think he has ideas that Bug is going to be in the Olympics or something (not gonna happen thanks to my genes unfortunately) and he’s pretty competitive when it comes to how Bug does in sports. He’s a little hard on her. Before you worry though, don’t. I’m really easy on her so it evens out. She needs a little chiding here and there.

    after recital photos

    So anyway, ballet lessons have not been chopped from the budget! Whoooeeeeeee!!! All thanks to the most wonderful ballet recital production ever. I wish I had filmed the whole thing but it would have been too big of a file to put up here anyway and then I’d really get busted by the theatre company.