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Not my most exciting update.


What are the most boring things to talk about? Dreams. Getting sick and all its many ailments. And maybe trying to describe a TikTok or youtube video you saw? I know. Groan. So in the spirit of posterity, I’m just going to put up a really quick update here and keep it short, so I won’t bore you or my future reading self to death.

I was sick last week. My second week on the job! I was so stressed about it because I also have an upcoming pre-planned overseas vacation that was in the works since last year and combined with being out sick, I was worried my new employer might think I am MIA. Getting sick was NOT in my plans. I didn’t want to force myself to go to work and cough all my germs all over everyone either. Such a dilemma. So I stayed home, main-lined emergen-C, slept as much as I could and forced myself to get better.


lt worked! The sun came out. I felt a million times better and I went to work. I did work from home too so it’s not like I was completely MIA but it made me nervous. I’ve been out of corporate land for so long that I’m not up on all the protocols.


That’s it. That’s all I got. Next week: I travel! Yay!


  • Katie

    My phone is stalking me, or maybe stalking you? Your name came up on my linked in. I have never searched your name there or on any other social media. So yeah, linked in is mining my browser history. Anyway, congrats on the new job, glad you are feeling better and a trip sounds exciting! Have a most excellent week

  • Cathy

    That’s it!? :) Glad you are up and at ’em again. Where are we traveling, do I need to bid adieu? Looking forward to that blog post!

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