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How it’s Going


I’ve been thinking a lot about how I used to whine about wanting more kids. I was so sad when I went through menopause and the role of motherhood seemed to be ripped out of my identity long before I was ready. Time is ruthless that way.

Queue five years later: A two-year-old moves in and it alllllll comes back to me.

I don’t want more kids! Sixteen-year-olds are a breeze compared to toddlers. I totally forgot what it was like to have a bin of colored pencils dumped on the floor every time they want to color. I forgot about keeping breakable things above four feet. I forgot about cleaning soggy cheerios and mushed banana bread from between the spokes of my dining room chair.  I forgot how much water I used cleaning up messy faces and messy hands and messy bellies and messy high chairs… I bet my water bill has doubled. And then there’s the skipping naptime and all-out war when it comes to bedtime. I totally forgot about that.

Don’t get me wrong. I am loving having my niece stay with me for an extended period of time. I just need to get my mommy-grove back on.


In other news, I rearranged my office and I’m getting used to my new hair. I like it. I think I might keep it.


  • Nina

    I feel bad for not commenting more often, because you put so much time and care into your blog posts. Bean is adorable- and I understand what you mean about 2 year olds! We have a little grandson the same age and oh my gosh I also had forgotten how much work a toddler is. He’s a pile of fun but he is fascinated by our little dog’s big wire crate. I caught him on all fours going into the crate, like a dog. And lapping from the water bowl, like a dog, grinning. Our daughter would have had a cow if she had seen that!

    Enjoy these sweet days- and you are so kind to have your niece staying with you til things get better! Family is everything.

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