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    The Crazy Big Pink Wall


    I’m up to my usual hijinks and I’m planning another event. This one is for Bug’s school. I’m kind of a passive PTA member who doesn’t go to meetings but if called upon to create some kind of fun graphic design project, my ego won’t let me say no. This gets me into all kinds of trouble. Most of the time I love this trouble.

    This event is no exception.

    A little back-story: Once upon a time there used to be this program with the school district called a “mother daughter tea” and it was a fun little event where a speaker came in and talked to fifth grade girls about puberty and the big P-word. Well, the year Bug was in fifth grade they didn’t do it because nobody knew what it was.  The PTA was completely clueless and when it came up in a budget meeting they decided to pass on some such foo-foo social event because who has time and money to just spend on girls and their mothers? They had no idea it was the big P-talk. Poor nurses and teachers of fifth grade girls be damned.

    You know what I had to say about that. I made a big fuss. Well, amongst my friends of course. I would never go to a PTA meeting and make an actual fuss. I’m way too passive aggressive and nice to do that. I made many small fusses with my friends and decided to take it on with my best pal, Maria (the mother who never says no to any of my hair-brained ideas). And by take it on I should mention that we are going to host the fifth AND sixth grade girls because the sixth grade girls got shafted last year. This means it’s basically the size of a wedding. Budget smudget.


    Instead of hosting a “tea” (because that’s way too tame for me) I decided to one-up that idea and host an *instagrammable event* (think mini color factory) and call it “Memories with Mom” because I love the idea of taking selfies with your daughter. I have been doing it will Bug after all before we even called it a “selfie.” I wanted to call the event “Selfies with Mom” and capitalize on the craze but Bug nixed that with a hard eye roll.


    You know what all that means: time to make some backgrounds! I’ve made cardboard backgrounds and butcher paper backgrounds and vinyl backgrounds that we tied to pipes on the wall in the big multi-purpose room because the walls are brick and you can’t really nail or attach anything to them and tape is always out  because of their big “NO TAPE” rule, that I hate. Anyway all those backgrounds were miserable failures so I stepped it up big time and hired Payam (except without paying him) to create actual wood constructed backgrounds. Go big or go home, right? Thankfully he loves me enough to pretty much take on any wild whim I might pull out of my butt. And believe me I pull out a lot of them.


    I drew up some schematics (Never underestimate a graphic artist with a vision!) and he built them exactly to spec. He is awesome. And also sore from head to toe and pretty much boycotting my project today to spend it on the couch watching soccer instead. I am completely understanding. Well, for the most part.

    There is one problem with my specs. I failed to realize how big eight feet really is. It’s a big mo-fo! Like way too big. How am I going to get this in and out of my house let alone staple flowers to and transport to the school where they have given me a small 8-inch (by who knows how high) storage area next to the piano in the MPR.  I may have had a small mini panic attack this morning over this problem. Thankfully my best mom pals have come to my texting rescue and consoled me. We will figure it out, they say.

    It is an awesome wall and it will be used.

    But we are not done. I have to decorate this mofo (In a pink floral theme, swoon!) and I am also tasking Payam to build one more wall. Why? Because we need more than one instagrammable station at this mother-daughter event. I’m requesting the next wall will only be six feet high and hopefully it will be much more manageable. I plan to paint that one with a rainbow vortex. I’ll keep you posted.

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    Bug’s Great Limo Ride Birthday Party


    Every year we joke that we’ve set the bar so high for parties that we will never be able to top it.  Whatever are we going to do next year, Paris? Hah!   I don’t know about Paris next year but we are really going to have to be creative to top this year’s limo party.


    Everybody arrived at 3pm and Victor the limo driver and his stretch showed up at 3:30. Eight girls and I piled in.


    First stop boba, of course.


    You know what’s awesome about tweens? They love group shots. No more cajoling everyone to squeeze in, they were more than happy to oblige with their squad poses.


    Next stop the mall! We didn’t really shop (I didn’t really budget for that.). A few girls brought spending money but not everyone did so we stuck to fun interactive things. Thankfully this mall is full of them.


    Like riding down the escalator as a crew, posing on the shoe shine chairs and of course throwing pennies into the fountain in the food court.


    We did make a stop at Lush to smell all the pretty soaps.


    And of course the candy shop that sells Pusheen merchandise.


    And lastly macarons for everyone!


    Then down the escalator to catch the limo for the next stop. Victor was so patient with us. (We tipped him well to make sure he knew how much we appreciated him.)


    We cruised by the beach and stopped for a special Pusheen wedding as the sun set. These girls, man. I have to say I really like Bug’s group of friends. They are so smart and well-read and when one of them officiates the wedding with all the right words and a few well-timed jokes that crack everyone up, you have to just sigh…They really impressed me.


    Then we headed back home for a green dinner! I should have taken a photo of the long table in the daytime but you get the idea. The ice shard milk-carton flowers came in handy. Who cooked this dinner you might wonder? Payam did! Actually I made green enchiladas the day before so Payam could pop them in the oven a half hour before we got there. Then Payam made green quesadillas (by hand in a pan!) and we had green chips and guacamole of course. Bug looooooves guacamole.


    I have such a soft spot for long-table dinner parties. They are my favorite!


    We sang happy birthday and served the birthday girl with a tree of lime cupcakes. You can tell she’s fading a little bit in this picture. Poor girl had a sore throat all day but she powered through. Did you know kids don’t like cupcakes anymore? I had no idea. I also served them green tea and mint chocolate chip mochi and they all reached for the mochi over the cupcakes.


    Oh yeah, I was there too! In a new green dress that makes me look like a flight attendant. I love it. We found it on a whim last minute at one of those big box discount stores.

    Happy Big Green Twelfth Birthday, Bug! Whatever are we going to do next year?