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    Last post of 2017!


    Happy New Year everybody! I thought I’d pop in and share a few things.


    Remember that photoshoot we did back in November? I loved all the photos so much I wanted to just put them here. If you got our holiday card you probably recognize our outfits. The girls picked out their dresses and I was so pleased. I think this is probably the last year they are going to look like little girls anymore. So bittersweet.


    They like each other these days which makes my heart want to explode. Bug’s freckles! Sploosh! There it goes, all gooey and dripping down my rib cage.


    And Joon’s smile! She always does that tongue thing when it’s a real smile.


    It has been the year of braids for Bug. I’m not complaining. You know how she is about things. When she likes something she really likes it. I hope braids always remind me of this year.


    I’ve been trying to savor this year so hard (with the girls, politics not so much). I think I accomplished it.


    And lastly, a silly photo because nothing breaks up a photoshoot better than prickly grass on your bare legs and a chance to be your real self.




    What else has been going on? Oh, you know, Christmas, New Years, funny clouds in the sky that made us think the atmosphere was cracking open and aliens were visiting. We have a party coming up for New Years that I’m afraid nobody is coming to. What else is new right? I think I worry about that every year.

    The Nutcracker with the girls was really nice, even though all of us had royally bad attitudes before going in. Then the music started, we saw some fake snow and everyone felt happy again.


    I made a bunch of candy-cane cookies and toffee for the first time. They were yummy. I got my hair cut. It’s just okay. I kinda miss my old very-long hair but I know it will get better as soon as my bangs grow out a bit from wanna-be-school-girl to I-can’t-really-see-through-them-but-they-look-cool.


    Bug is still in Hawaii. We miss her. We managed through Christmas without getting very sad by being very untraditional and having a huge Persian feast catered via our local middle-eastern market’s food court! Who knew! It was the best. I didn’t cook and everything was delicious. I think I might make it our new tradition, with Bug included though, of course.


    Oh! And this happened! But before you start looking into wedding guest dress rental (Because how awesome would that wedding be?) and china registries (Don’t, we don’t need any.), let me tell you that he didn’t really *ask* me to marry him and we aren’t getting *married* anytime soon. I know. I’m sorry. Everyone loves a good love story and I have no good explanations right now. I’m just wearing a really pretty ring that he gave me for Christmas and I’m really happy because it means everything to me.

    I also have an updated calendar for you! Happy Printing! Cheers to 2018!

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    FREE 2018 SAJ Calendar is here!


    It’s that time of year! Time to get a new calendar and fill in all those important dates. Oh, you use your phone and don’t need paper attached to your fridge anymore? How nice for you! Just kidding. I use my phone (with alarms set), a day planner at my desk AND three separate calendars in different strategic places in the house and I still mix up dates.  What can I say? Planning calms me.

    Click and print and let me know about any typos or weirdness. I’ll fix and come back with a fixed pdf. Hope you like it!