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FREE 2018 SAJ Calendar is here!


It’s that time of year! Time to get a new calendar and fill in all those important dates. Oh, you use your phone and don’t need paper attached to your fridge anymore? How nice for you! Just kidding. I use my phone (with alarms set), a day planner at my desk AND three separate calendars in different strategic places in the house and I still mix up dates.  What can I say? Planning calms me.

Click and print and let me know about any typos or weirdness. I’ll fix and come back with a fixed pdf. Hope you like it!


  • Helena

    Yay! This is my office calendar, it sits to the left of me (where it has every year for years)…I use it to note when my employees will be out and also school holidays, vacations etc.

  • Kristen

    Looks very cute! Love the different style of flowers in June. The tattoo on you in July is also very cool
    “Passover begis” is missing an n. When I looked it up, Google said it begins the evening of Friday Mar 30 (but please verify that!).
    Google says Chavez should end in an z, not s.
    I feel bad for August with no holidays! I vote for International Left Handers Day (Aug 13)!
    One inconsistency- a lot of the holidays in Oct-Dec have exclamation points after them (and national coffee day in Sept). In the other months, you don’t use a ! ( and it doesn’t seem appropriate for something like Veterans Day!). I’d remove them.

  • Meggan

    Nat’l Margarita Day is spelled wrong (I think you used the name instead of the drink). In July, national has a typo in ice cream day. I agree that the numbers on Aug are not visible & I might like them darker for Jan. as well. This was fun to preview!

  • Turkeylurker

    Love the calendar! Have been using it for years. I love how you’re incorporating many of the religious holidays (I’m also in a multi-religious family), but you’re missing Eid E Ghadir (Aug 21 – 24, the sacrifice holiday). Thank you, thank you for the calendar every year!

  • a chris

    Hi Brenda, just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I know you have your other platforms and not a lot of time, but when you post on your blog, it’s real, it’s got great photos, it’s just nice. Like so many others, I let my own blog wither, so this isn’t meant as an exhortation to blog more. I was just inspired after clicking from one of the million (or more) cookie-cutter faux-glamour lifestyle/food blogs, over to yours with your fab photo of you on your real trip with your real kids, and a bit of writing in your own voice, and felt a little bit of stress drain away.

    I’ve said before how much I appreciate the old skool blog in the face of proprietary platforms. LOL.

    Anyway, warm wishes to you and yours, present and absent!

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