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Brewing Up Another Bash


Nothing coaxes me out of a blog-writing stupor more than a new party to percolate on. And boy do I have one to soak in these days! Payam has given me permission to plan him a big 45th bash in Las Vegas! Woo hoo!

Personally, I hate Las Vegas. Ugh. I can’t even begin to tell you how much,  but I can definitely plan a Vegas bash. Ocean’s Eleven, classy whiskey glasses, high rollers, desert landscape, neon lights and debauchery? I’ll design the heck out of it!


Payam, of course, loves Las Vegas for all the exact reasons I hate it. Somehow, we meet in the middle here. I love a design challenge and this one has captured my interest like no other.

Yes, Payam rolls his eyes when I’m cutting cardboard and ordering special buttons off the internet when a simple text or Evite would handle the whole thing just fine but he’s learning to understand me. I’m just not a solo-cup kinda party girl! I won’t even let him buy alcohol with handles on the bottles! I know. I can be annoying this way.

But I also can kern, pick pantone colors and shave five pounds off your face using photoshop. So there’s that. Not that I did that of course. Payam is just as cute as these photos in real life. I’m just saying, I could.


Aren’t these buttons cute!!? They’re the little 1-inch ones that kids collect and stick on their backpacks. I think all birthday parties should have seventeen pieces of flair like this. It’s just so fun!

I’m so into these buttons that I really, really, really want to buy a button-maker but the good ones cost $300! And after using the PTA’s big 3-inch button maker that is made out of metal and works like butter, I don’t think I could settle for anything less. I think at some point it might be a good business move for me because I could sell buttons online and at conventions so I’m putting it on my list…someday!


I sent these out to Payam’s best friends and now we plan everything else. A private dinner, a trip to the Neon Museum, maybe a party on our hotel balcony and a slideshow of embarrassing and adorable little boy Payam pictures on the wall…I can’t wait!



  • Courtney

    AMAZING! I need to find an excuse to plan a party!

    I know what you mean about the button maker though… I’m finally getting to buy one for the library. IT’S GOING TO BE BUTTON-TASTIC!

    I’m a bit sad that I can’t get the 1-inch (they are a choking hazard).. but the 1.75 inch is pretty awesome! :D

  • Lauren

    So fun!!!! I should hire you to help me come up with a theme and do all the invites.etc for my husband’s 40th next year, hah! I have time to think about it but I am so indecisive!

  • Tamara

    I love the invites, and the buttons are adorable (as is younger Payam). I hope you find something to enjoy while you are there, especially the fruits of this labor of love

    Go SAJ!

  • Lynne

    These invites look super. Similar to you Las Vegas and I do not get along … I’m always looking for the old style , retro Vegas and never quite finding it. Although the first time I passed through in 98 while practically still a teenager I think I caught a whiff of it in the Pink Pony cafe ( no longer there) at Circus Circus . This trip was when I realised that I’m such a Baptist to the bone, excess and gambling make me feel uncomfortable. I’ve never experienced a show or a concert duqirng my short trips passing through in the way to The Grand Canyon , which I love. I like the look of the neon sign museum and I wish I’d know about it when I was in Vegas in the summertime, before visiting you. Xxx

  • BeachMama

    So much fun!! I actually don’t mind Vegas but I’ve only ever been for conferences so nothing to crazy happened but it is fun to walk about and see all the craziness.

  • hil

    Been following you for ages, and I just found you again! The buttons are really THE coolest. And I did take note of the pantone colors.

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