Pink Fluffy Unicorn Party!

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Joon has a thing for Pink Fluffy Unicorns. She loves the song (yes, it’s 10 hours long) and will sing it all the live long day if you let her. Since we love her (so much more than the song) we decided to throw her a Pink Fluffy Unicorn Skating on Rainbows party! Joons-Pink-Fluffy-Unicorn-Party-2

Of course Mettaprints had to get in on the action because what is more fun than skating through a rainbow?


I wanted to make a decal for the floor and let the kids skate on it but I didn’t have the guts to ask the rink owners for permission. I’m not sure how toner and skates would work out. But it woulda been cool. And yes, we can totally make floor decals at Mettaprints.


We had so much fun at Bug’s 9th Birthday skating party, it was an easy choice to have another party there. We love the rinks.  They are so laid back there and the venue is so relaxed in the open air. A zillion times better than the crusty old skating rinks from the past.Joons-Pink-Fluffy-Unicorn-Party-4

You can never go wrong with rainbow mustaches from Party City.


Can we take a minute to talk about the pink fluffy unicorn cupcakes? I’ve been day-dreaming them up since I first watched the youtube video of the silly song.  Flufflepuff (or whatever her name is) looks exactly like a puff of cotton candy.  I’ve been waiting for months for the chance to make it happen. Sadly, execution of the cupcakes was a little more tricky than I had imagined. First, we had to find some cotton candy (we didn’t really want to rent a machine) and then the cotton candy melted when I put it on the pink frosting!!!  Dangit.  Thankfully a fresh application right before the party saved the day. Of course the kids didn’t mind the quadruple helping of sugar at all.

All in all it was a really fun party for a really fun little almost tween girl.Joons-Pink-Fluffy-Unicorn-Party-8

Another party down! Seventeen more to go. There are discussions of a Pusheen party for Bug so you know I’m already perking on that.

9 Comments Pink Fluffy Unicorn Party!

  1. Cathy

    You know the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing On Rainbows song is going through my head now (again!) Such a fun party – love the rainbow and the cupcakes, bravo!

  2. Gingermog

    I love your parties! I still remember the mermaid themed one your threw a long way back for Rapunzel I think. I can’t believe she’s 18!

    1. SAJ

      I know, right?!! I can’t believe it either. I miss that chica. (She moved back up north with her parents recently, after living for a year with my mom and dad.)

  3. BeachMama

    Another fabulous party under your wing!! The kids must love it so much to have such a fabulous party planner immediately available for them :)

    1. SAJ

      I illustrated the unicorn heads on my computer (since I am a graphic artist/illustrator), printed them out, cut them all out by hand (which took forever), attached them to a toothpick and then stuck the heads into the cotton candy on top of the cupcakes. :) Hope that helps!


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