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Painting Bug’s New Room



BugsRoomColourWe had so much fun painting. I didn’t realize it was so easy! I’ve never really painted before except to help out a friend here and there or that one time we painted my mom’s really dark paneling in her sewing room and the paint just wouldn’t cover no matter how many coats we put down.

Painting Bug’s room was a way better experience. It was so easy!! Outside of the taping, of course. I think taping is the hardest part. When we were finished with Bug’s room we still had so much time and energy we started on Hannah Joon’s room! (I’m just going to call her Joon from now on I think. Bug and Joon has a nice ring to it.)

Joon is getting a dark, robin-egg blue color in her room and Bug has mint green. They are right next to each other and each room casts an interesting glow into the hallway they share.

I can’t wait to keep you all posted on the developments!


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