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SAJ 2015 (rough draft) Calendar is Here!


Greetings from my cozy living room! Guess what I’ve been up to? I’m sure you were thinking I would never get to it.

It has been a lackluster year for me with blogging and I did skip a few months when it comes to designing blog banners…but guess what?! I pulled it out of my…well, nevermind. I pulled it out of my brain and I have completed the official 2015 Secret Agent Josephine printable calendar!  Can you believe it?!!

I added all the holidays this year but then some of them were just weird. Should I add every single saint day and things like National Nut Day? So you’ll have to argue amongst yourselves and leave your vote in the comments about what holidays I should include which ones I shouldn’t and then I’ll take some kind of majority (of nice people) vote and fix it up for you.

So for now it’s FREE!  Download your free printable rough draft calendar HERE, check it for typos and the usual idiocy that I somehow always manage to include and let me know either by email or in the comments what I need to fix. I know you editors love this part. Get out your red pens and go crazy! You won’t hurt my feelings.


I’m not so fond of January’s design. But that was in honor of going to Disneyland for Bug’s birthday. I think I was rushed on that one. I hope January goes by quick because I do not want to stare at this ugly illustration all month. But I’m kinda tapped out tonight so that’s what’s going to stay there for now. But guess what next year is going to be (or January’s banner coming in the next few days)?  Roller skating! Bug has decided she wants a roller skating party this year and I’m pulling out my disco knee socks for the occasion. I’m thinking a Rapunzel Skating Redux is in the works.  That was such a fun party.


Here’s a preview of all the months. I’m a little worried about April because all those little flower illustrations take up MASSIVE vector memory. Let me know if your printers have trouble on that page and maybe I’ll rastorize it.


Bug wanted to check in from her desk. Yes, you are seeing things correctly. I bought her a laptop for Christmas. Her very own. She is so spoiled.  It’s the cheapest model I could buy and it doesn’t have a DVD player but it does let her play Club Penguin and do her school work. I’m very glad to have my own laptop back, as she was hogging it regularly.


All for now! Get back to me on the calendar so I can put it in my shop*!  See you on the flip side.  It’s in the SHOP!


*Don’t look now. It’s dusty in there.


  • turkeylurker

    Thank you for the calendar! It brightens our fridge every year. Thanks for adding the Muslim holidays! As a blended family I always wrote them in on you calender, now I just need to add my birthdays. (Want to add those too? ???? ) thanks again for your hard work! Happy new year!

  • WrittenPyramids

    Looking through the calendar, I think having all the holidays is great and it doesn’t seem to crowded.

    I did notice one mistake: Shavuot is on May 24th and 25th. You have it a week earlier on your calendar. So far, all the other Jewish holdiays look right (and I love that you even have minor ones) but I’ll keep looking.

  • Cathy

    Love it and thank you! It really is the best one out there and this year’s is exceptional. The more the merrier on the holidays, I say! Looking forward to the roller skating party post too. Happy 2015!

  • Kristen

    It looks like you spelled Epiphany with an m. Veterans Day doesn’t have an apostrophe. Everywhere you used “begins” except for Hanukkah you used “starts”. Might want to change it to be consistent.

  • Ellie

    Thanks for the calendar! I’m excited to check it out. I’m sure she’s thrilled then to have her own laptop! Love the decorations, so festive:)

  • brooke

    President’s Day needs its apostrophe. You have the winter/summer “solstice” but for spring and fall you have “first day of” rather than equinox. Not that it really matters…but just in case that bothers you :) Also, I’m so glad you included the super bowl as a holiday! I don’t think all the holidays make it too crowded.

  • turkeylurker

    I was traveling when I first looked at the calendar and I just got a chance to look at it. It’s great, as usual. There are 2 corrections with the Islamic days. One, there is one more minor day ( I don’t know what it’s called in Arabic but in Turkish it’s kandil) on April 24. ( I don’t know which one, I’m looking at a general list). And, the second long celebration is 4 days so eid ul daha ends on Saturday, not Friday. Thanks for all of the holidays and important days on the calendar!

  • WrittenPyramids

    One more, Selichot isn’t a holiday. It’s a set of prayers and different people start them at times. I’ve never seen them indicated on a calendar, including Jewish ones, so I’d remove it. There are a few minor Jewish holidays you could add but I don’t know that it’s worth it.

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