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    Little Hoo Christmas Reading at Once Upon a Storybook


    I just wanted to pop in and share some photos from my Merry Christmas Little Hoo book reading last week. It was really fun and sweet. I love reading to littles who participate. There was one little boy in the audience who answered “Nooooooooooo….” all big-eyed and anticipatory to every “Is it Santa?” question. I wanted to slip him a hundred afterwards for making the whole event so much better but of course I can’t be doing that.


    Here I am all animated and stuff. I can be scary when I’m reading. Especially since I don’t like speaking in front of crowds and of course I was sweating profusely. But you can’t tell and none of the kids seemed too afraid of me.

    Then we had some cookies. I signed some books and pretended like I was celebrity. On one book I totally screwed up a word but the lady smiled like it was supposed to be that way. So obviously I’m not a real celebrity because I’m sure that doesn’t fly well with the haters. Or maybe it does. Maybe it’s more fun when authors screw up? I don’t know.



    Anyway, it was fun. I signed the wall. I really hope this cute little book store sticks around. It was right out of You’ve Got Mail with it’s little-shop-around-the-block charm. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely visit and let them know I sent you. Make sure they have my books on the shelf too!

    I’ll probably be back when my summertime Little Hoo book comes out so if you missed me, you’ll have another chance in June!


    p.s. Thank you to Deb for taking all these pictures!