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Not Letting It Go!



If you can count on me for anything I’m thinking it should be for NOT letting trends go by without creating some kind of craft out of them. Cause that’s what I do!  You need Frozen-themed costumes? I got ’em for you!


We had a lot of fun with this craft. I think the secret is the slim-fitting t-shirt. Bug is a very fashion-minded kid and she really dug this style. They are soft and flattering…. In fact, I bought four of them and she wore one plain one to school and gymnastics twice before we even started the craft and then she made one later just for herself that had nothing to do with this craft and she still wears it regularly.


The fully-painted bodice ones are a little stiff after you paint them so they are very much more of a costume than a kick-back comfy t but they’re still pretty cool.

So if you’re in the market for something casual I suggest you click on over to alphamom. and check them out!


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