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    Daiso Linens

    daiso-linens1 I thought I’d blogged about Daiso before but apparently I haven’t or maybe I called it something different like “Japanese 99 cent store” which is what it really is. They are online and in Japan and now they are in California* which is really really cool for people like me.  If you have one in your town you should check them out because you can find all sorts of interesting treasures for really cheap. daiso-linens2 Like these dishtowels for a buck fifty! Aren’t they pretty? I’m on a mission to collect them all. daiso-linens3 This works very well for me because I tend to use my dishtowels for everything (ahem, coffee messes) and they get stained so quickly. So having a lot of them really really helps and I don’t have to feel guilty ruining them because I can pick up more for very cheaply. daiso-linens4You’ve probably noticed I use these towels for handy backgrounds on my daily latte art shots. They sure look a lot better than dirty tile grout. :| daiso-linens5They also work really great as pot holders when you’re too hungry to wait for your bowl of steaming rice and poached eggs topped with Sriracha sauce to cool down.  You wouldn’t know what that’s like at all. Mmmmm… the work-at-home lunch of champions.

    *yes, it does worry me that the only location list of Daiso stores I can find is a recall list. Cheap is like that sometimes…