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Storm Watch 2014



I’m having a party this weekend and not only are we having 100% chance of rain on the day of the party, we are having the biggest storm that anyone has EVER seen* in Southern California. To anyone else in any other state this would just be a warm spring drizzle but to us it’s life-threatening. Roads are slick, actual coats (not hoodies) must be worn and $1.50 umbrellas from the Japanese 99 cent store DO  NOT WORK.

I’m pretty sure that nobody can find a babysitter because nobody is going out to brave the weather.

I guess that means a whole bunch of delicious Thai food all for me!

At least the flowers will be happy.

*thank you Calee for that link.


  • Cathy

    Ha- great photo! We do need the rain, though. Wish I could help you eat all that Thai food! Hope the party goes well nonetheless – am sure it will be fabulous!

  • Saple

    Come to michigan, we will share our weather with you… 2 feet of snow and have not been above freezing in weeks….. Have a fun party

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