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Beautiful Friends…


I have a beautiful friend named, Carrien. She’s beautiful inside and out.  She’s that friend who makes you a hot steaming cup of chai before you even ask for one. She knows how you like it and sets it down before you and then she waits for you to talk about whatever is on your mind.  You know that kind of friend? The kind that listens? I mean really, really listens and isn’t just waiting for their turn to talk? The kind who sends you emails when you are going through really hard things and offers you peace and solace. The kind who listens to you when you feel like you are making no sense at all and then sums up your last three scrambled paragraphs into one succinct sentence that is exactly what you were trying to say? She’s like that.  Sometimes I don’t think I even really deserve her. I know I’m definitely not that good at listening to her even though she makes me want to try and try and try.

She is in Thailand right now with her family. They are working on setting up orphanages for children.  It’s an amazing cause. Watch the video and see what I mean. That’s Carrien’s husband talking and her sister-in-law drew the pictures. Didn’t they do an amazing job?

I miss my friend. I’m seriously considering saving up the thousands of dollars it costs to fly over there so I can visit her. It might even be worth braving all the giant bugs that scare the crap out of me. Have you seen them? I love looking at her instagram photos of beetles so big they can’t fit through chicken wire and millipedes that are bigger than your head.  And then there are the little bugs that get in your guts and make you sick. I just don’t know….I really want to visit but those bugs man…   Good thing we live in the age of facetime and skype and email though.


Carrien asked if I could share a little about these little ornaments they are giving away for every donation they receive. I’m super late to the game. I don’t think you could even get these ornaments in time for Christmas but if you watch the video and you know anything about Carrien it won’t matter to you.  This is real. They are real people making a difference. They are my friends!

That picture below is a real girl who The Charis Project has helped. I don’t know her story. Maybe I’ll get it and copy it here later.  But I know my friend and I know her kindness. I’ve experienced it. I can only imagine what her kindness is doing over there.  Did I tell you about that one time she took home a homeless woman? She’s a true Good Samaritan.

So maybe if you somehow find yourself with extra funds this year (and I know there are not many of you, this year has been so hard for so many) and you are looking for some small little way that you can pass on your blessings to someone else who really needs it, I want to send you to The Charis Project.  I’m sure any little tiny bit would help.  And if you have nothing to give, just send your prayers because they make just as much of a difference.


From my heart and my friend’s heart: thank you!

I love you Carrien!


  • Jen Wilson

    Wow. I want her to be my friend, too. I just went and read her whole homeless woman saga. It reminds me of so many I’ve met in the last couple years living here, helping out at different ministries. It is SO hard for them to make positive changes. You just want them to know that it’s possible to have people love them without using or abuse them, but it’s all they’ve known.

    I also watched that Charis Project video and LOVE the idea!! I know of similar projects in other countries and I wish I had unlimited resources to fund them all.

  • Nicole de Jong

    I can’t agree enough with this post! I was fortunate to have gotten to spend their first month living in Thailand with Carrien and the kids. I would do it over again and stay forever! I miss you, Carrien. You are an amazing friend to have and I wish I was still with you in Thailand.

  • carrien - she laughs at the days

    I feel completely unworthy of this post Brenda. I read it and think, I want to be more like the woman you describe.

    The learning curve is steep here, and I’m getting accustomed, thought not really comfortable, with failing at something important on a daily basis. Thank you for these words. You have blessed me and helped me remember myself a little.

    Love you.

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