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    Lil Red

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    Color is a big deal in my family. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you’re familiar with Bug’s green phase, her fuschia phase, the turquoise phase and then her black phase… I think her latest phase is pretending she’s a tomboy (which she isn’t) and liking anything she thinks boys would like. So that means black and blue and red…sometimes purple. I think her latest phase is boy-crazy. (Yes, that worries me.)

    She thinks she’s really into remote control cars and guns and playing minecraft but between you and me, she spends most of her time playing my little ponies and pretending to be exasperated that there is way too much pink in the world.


    But anyway! I wanted to talk about my color thing. I have one too! I like red. I always have. Well, technically I liked green (it runs in the family) until I was about six or so but I remember the day I decided that red was my favorite color. It was my mom’s favorite color and the more I thought about it the more I realized my mom was onto something. Because, really, red is the prettiest color, followed by orange and then hot pink after that. I could debate it all day. Bring it on Blue-ies.


    So it’s no surprise that I have a collection of red things on ebay. I’m like one of those crows that collects shiny things and hoards them into their nests. Except my nest is online and is way tider. Well, mostly.

    What surprised me is that Little Red is my most popular collection! I think it has 30-something followers!! I’m no ebay superstar, racking in thousands of followers or anything, (I suspect most of my followers are you loyal folks who I love so much) but that’s pretty cool. I might be onto something. I suspect there are lots of other people out there who like red as much as I do.

    Because it’s the best color. Right? You know it is.

    So of course you fellow reddies would like a detailed rundown of my collection above. Here goes:

    1. Chunky Cable Knit Beret It’s totes tote! I wish I was Canadian and I could pull that off. We just call them beanies here. I’m privileged enough to already have one of these that somebody special knitted for me but if you’re not as privileged as I am, I suggest you go buy one stat.

    2. Red Lucite Chunky Beaded Necklace I’ve seen these chunky necklaces all over the place and I don’t need to be the next top model for JCrew or anything but the red caught my eye. Because it’s RED! Come to me, pretty plastic chunky beads! I will wear you on my date with the big bad wolf.

    3. Red Rubber Rainboots These are not Hunter boots (the rubber boot of all rubber boots) but they look just as cool and they’ll probably work just as well while you save up your money for the real thing.

    4. Casual Preppy Faux Leather School Handbag I love how listings from other countries have so many words squeezed into their title. So what is casual preppy anyway? Who cares. It’s cute. It makes me want to dress in a school uniform and board subways.

    5. Warm Wool Hooded Parka Hello! It’s Little Red Riding hood. Everybody wants a little red riding hood coat!

    6. Sexy Qupid (sic) Pointy Office Work Kitten Heel I’m not usually a fan of the kitten heel. Too fussy for me but for some reason these strike me as really cute. Like Zoey-Deschenel-goes-to-a-holiday-party cute.

    7. Red tights Staple. I know. Some of you think women over 40 shouldn’t wear colored tights. I say, Live a little!

    8. Red Tartan Belted Skater Party Dress I was thinking more Little Red Riding Hood, the school girl, rides the subway in Tokyo but skater party dress is cool too. In fact, that’s downright intriguing. I might pay money to watch girls in party dresses skate half pipes.

    If you liked the above, there’s more here! I hope you enjoy my collection! Be sure to follow me on eBay to check out the rest of my shoppable collections.

    (My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay #FOLLOWITFINDIT)