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Let’s Do This!


We are so ready for this party!  Posters are made, playlist is burning to a cd, macarons have been ordered (salted caramel, passion fruit, lemon, almond and raspberry!).  They are SO good! I can’t wait for everyone to try one.  The giant Eiffel Tower has been assembled, thanks to my Dad and brother arriving. Yes! My brother is in town. He’s part of a big surprise for the party so stay tuned.  Now we just wait for the books to arrive. Wait, what? The books aren’t here yet? No, they are not. But I have been assured by my trusty publisher that they will arrive just in time. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me!

Tomorrow (or today since I’m getting this post up so late) is a BIG day!!

I’ve got some really great bloggers set to review the book. I’ll link them here tomorrow, if I’m not running around too crazy. Otherwise stay tuned on instagram and facebook and tell everyone you know to go buy my book!  Woohoo!

UPDATE: The reviews are trickling in:

Pancakes and Frenchfries: Is SAJ in Paris NOT a great book for boys?

For the Love of Approachable Modern Style

Amalah the Great on alphamom.com



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go paint my nails gold!  Hope to see you there!


  • Gayle

    Loved the book; it is adorable! Good luck with the party tonight. Will totally be checking out IG and wising I was there.

    Any chance you’ll put a poster on Etsy? Calling dibs if you do. :-)


  • Amy

    Congratulations on the launch party and I too (being far far away) hope you post a million pictures!

    The posters are fabulous and too think they should (or similar) be offered up for sale!

  • Rebekah K.

    Drats! I so want to get this book for my daughter (she’s nuts about all things French right now) but it’s already sold out on Amazon! I will be watching to see when they get more in stock so I can purchase. Congrats!

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