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    Happily, I have very little to write about. Nothing has gone terribly wrong lately. How nice is that?

    There was that one day that my kid lifted her cereal bowl up over her head to show me how dull and flavorless it was without freeze-dried strawberries in it and then proceeded to dump the dull boring milk and cereal all over her hair and onto the jute rug underneath her. That was pretty exciting since we only had about ten minutes to wash her hair and get her back to presentable before the bell rang at school. But we managed. It actually even turned out to be a good day, that day.  That was the day we visited some friends at The Grand California Hotel in Disneyland and swam the day away. Good times.


    Then we added a painting day (or two!) to the week. That’s always a good thing. We had a tea party birthday party this weekend and needed to come up with a present. I love creating art for presents. I think Bug did a pretty good job on her teapot. That teapot has been painted many times. It was a pretty good thrift store find if I do say so myself.



    And a tea party! Not much to report but that is a good thing.  See you all in a few days!