Paris Party Planning



I’ve been perking on the launch party for my latest book coming out this November.  It’s called Secret Agent Josephine in Paris, as you probably already know. I’ve been day-dreaming up a gold-black-and-red themed Paris party. No pink poodles for me. Nosiree!  I’m really loving gold right now. I think I might hand paint invitations with gold paint.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

I like to dream big!  Of course my budget for this party is next to zero so what actually happens will probably be completely different from my inspiration boards but a girl can dream…




I’m so excited!



1. black and white stripey shirt -can’t find the link!  2. gold circle garland 3. mini champagne glasses brocade dress 5. Joan 6. Lette Macarons

1. gold confetti dress 3. red beret ha it’s me! 4. madelines 5. champagne tag 6. mother-daughter striped Shirts 7.Edith Piaf 8. bob 9. Eiffel Tower cut-out Not Numbered Party food



I have a new respect for style bloggers. Finding sources for all these pinterest photos is next to impossible!!!