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    Wait. You guys thought I was shutting down my blog?!



    No way José! I’ve been blogging for eleven million years. I’m not shutting down. I just wanted to blog about a HIGH-larious non-date that I went on that I thought was a date which is partly why it was so hilarious.  It was so awful and bad it deserved a small novella devoted to it but you know how the internet is these days. Everybody has facebook and everybody knows how to use google so I had to lock down my small novella with a password to protect the innocent.

    But don’t worry. I’m not dating until Bug is older so even though I’d love to start a category called “high-larious trainwreck dates” I probably won’t and I probably won’t be password-protecting many more posts. But if I do, just email me and I’ll let you in if I recognize your email and you don’t run some kind of forum making fun of people.

    So sorry to worry everyone. Life has been challenging but I’m bouncing back with a vengeance!

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