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Summer Bug



The hair! I knew it would be ratty and matted and disgusting but did I realize that I would have to put up with it every-stinkin-day when I told her she could take the whole summer off from hair care? What was I thinking?!!  I am counting down the days until school starts and we chop a good chunk off and daily hair brushing torture commences.

Not that I like brushing her hair. I don’t. I hate it as much as she does but I didn’t realize how vain I was regarding my daughter’s hair. Will people think she’s unloved?  Just kidding. Usually people compliment her on this rat’s mansion. And if anyone could rock the hippie blonde dreads, it’s Bug but still, I have to admit it makes me want to reach for the hairbrush and detangler.

Really, Bug? You like smelling like a wet dog? She assures me she does.




Then we have the snails. My little Nature Bug…Do your kids collect snails and let them slime on their hands? I told Bug that when I was a kid we used to make soup out of snails and mud. She ran away screaming.




Lastly, we have Office Bug. You can tell what our summer has been like: Me working, her pretending to work. It works, most of the time.



  • jo.s mom

    Remember when we told you the snails liked salt and that you could spread it around them and they would like it?
    Then we told you that the snail bait was food for them…and yes, you used to collect snails too.

  • Michelle

    ‘Wet’ hairbrush from sally’s beauty supply is awesome. We all use it on wet and dry hair. I even use it to blow-dry my hair.

  • Heather

    Try the “Knot Genie”. It works great on my kids’ long, tangly hair and they don’t squirm and scream about it tugging on their scalps. :-)

  • Heather Sanders

    Well, you know I am in complete agreement with let kids experiment with hair/clothing, etc…when they are kids. Emelie dressed like Punky Brewster and wore hair to match. This summer she decided shaving was a waste of time and shocked everyone with hairy armpits and legs. Thing is, when they are kids is the time to let them be kids because in the working world, there are things that have to be done – and if we are all VERY honest with ourselves, we have thoughts of pushing against the system ourselves.

    I LOVE the straggly, “beach bug” hair. And I’m proud of you for just letting it go. :)

  • Triplezmom

    My daughter, with her wavy blond locks that I have fussed over since she finally grew hair at 18 months, has shut me out of the hair care situation. She’s almost 9 and is pretty good at detangling and putting it into a ponytail, but that’s ALL she does. I so miss cute hairdos. I say enjoy it while you can! She is such a beauty.

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