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    Summer Bug



    The hair! I knew it would be ratty and matted and disgusting but did I realize that I would have to put up with it every-stinkin-day when I told her she could take the whole summer off from hair care? What was I thinking?!!  I am counting down the days until school starts and we chop a good chunk off and daily hair brushing torture commences.

    Not that I like brushing her hair. I don’t. I hate it as much as she does but I didn’t realize how vain I was regarding my daughter’s hair. Will people think she’s unloved?  Just kidding. Usually people compliment her on this rat’s mansion. And if anyone could rock the hippie blonde dreads, it’s Bug but still, I have to admit it makes me want to reach for the hairbrush and detangler.

    Really, Bug? You like smelling like a wet dog? She assures me she does.




    Then we have the snails. My little Nature Bug…Do your kids collect snails and let them slime on their hands? I told Bug that when I was a kid we used to make soup out of snails and mud. She ran away screaming.




    Lastly, we have Office Bug. You can tell what our summer has been like: Me working, her pretending to work. It works, most of the time.