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An Update


Hi everybody! I’m still alive. I can hardly believe it myself. Living through this hard drive crash and the partial restoration process that has followed it (that feels like putting together a 500,000 puzzle in all black pieces) has been a real eye-opener for me. I’m feeling positive but it’s really made me rethink my whole outlook on life, work and how I want to change things.

I might need some help. I think I need an agent. Does anyone know anyone? I need to make more money as an illustrator and I need to work smarter. I need to create a better portfolio and get my work out there. Of course I can’t start on that until my laptop is up and running but I thought I’d at least share that with you readers in case there’s somebody out there who knows somebody who knows somebody. You never know.

I’ve poked around on a few sites that represent illustrators and I’m getting intimidated. There are so many amazing artists out there. Will they even look at me? Does anyone have any helpful advice?

There's a couch in my living room! Thanks @carrien_laughs! and @troygronberg for moving it!!

In other news I have a new couch!

My friend Carrien is moving to Thailand for two years to help build a self-sustaining orphanage and I’m taking care of her red couch while she is gone. She saves children. I take care of her couch. It works out.

However, the couch threw my whole living room out of whack and since I was going through a mental breakdown over my broken laptop, I channeled my frustration into obsessive-compulsive furniture rearranging. Good times!

Spent all morning rearranging furniture only to end up back where I started. Lovely red couch is blocking my Bren Shui.

I tried every possible furniture arrangement. Sideways, backwards, against every wall, away from the wall, diagonal, even blocking the front door. Nothing worked. Finally I put the couch right back where it was dropped off and I think that’s where it’s going to stay.

I'm using Instagram to blog since I can't use photoshop. Please pardon my random shots. I'll be done soon.

But! We also have a flat-screen tv now. (Also a gift from a friend.) It’s so weird. I’m in the worst financial straits I’ve been in in years and I have a giant flat-screen tv and a couch. Something is wrong with this picture. How am I supposed to dig my way out of poverty by watching television all day?

I’m not going to, that’s how. We don’t have cable thankfully but we do have Apple TV and Netflix—which is a deadly combination if you ask me. But it’s here and it’s kind of nice. If you want to come over for a movie-watching party, you are most welcome. Just don’t come in the daytime when I’m supposed to be working.


The couch is really comfy. I’ve found myself moving my laptop all over the house and spending much of my time here leaning over onto my make-shift wooden crate coffee table to type. Whatever works, right?

Laptop is useless for work but the DVD player still works!

I love seeing kids squished onto it. They love it, of course.


So that’s that. I’m still in the middle of the muddle but I’m keeping my spirits up!


  • Bethany

    I need an agent too and am also in dire financial straits. So take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Misery loves company but let’s keep our chins up! Love you.

  • OMSH

    Errrm…did you follow up on that lovely “B” lead? What happened with that? Also, I like the couch. A red couch would definitely lift my spirits, but I’m leaning more toward some kind of animal print, but modernized. That is WHEN I replace my couch. It isn’t completely dead yet, so we are nursing it along as best we can.

  • TexasLea

    I don’t know anybody or even know anybody who knows anybody, but I do know you are awesome and I know things will work out. I’m sorry it’s a trying time and one of changes, those do often suck. But, on the bright side, things are usually better in the long run because of them. I’m a big believer in the power of prayer and I’m keeping you in mine. Awesome couch and TV by the way!

  • Jeanie

    You have so much talent, Brenda! I wish I knew an agent (that is not my field so I can’t help you; wouldn’t even know where to start!)

    But I will say “I knew her back when” once things take off. :o)

    Glad your spirits are up. I have prayed for you.

  • Gena@BakeAllTheThings!

    Reading your posts about this has convinced me to finally get off my butt, buy an external hard drive and back up all my business stuff. I’m sorry you had to experience such a crisis, but thanks for pushing the rest of us to get things done!

    Unfortunately I don’t know anyone nor anyone who knows anyone involved in repping illustrators. I hope you get a lead soon though!

    I totally want a movie time. And I vote DURING the day, when we’re BOTH supposed to be working. Because sometimes you just need a break!!