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    Here’s a Thrilling Story

    Something is missing. My computer! Hard drive failure. No laptop for 3-5 days!!! Forced vacation.

    I’m typing this on my iPad and it’s so weird and small. Better than one-finger pecking on my phone but challenging none the less. So why am I doing this? Because my laptop died!! Complete and utter hard drive failure!

    You’ll notice there is no computer at my desk where I work. That’s because it’s gone!! And, yes, I am going through withdrawals.

    Don’t worry though, there is a somewhat happy ending to this story. Remember when you guys chastised me for not having a backup plan for my whole life/career that is stored on my laptop? (Imagine that post linked here.) Well, I listened to you! I have AppleCare and Carbonite and I think in 3-5 days I will have a new hard drive and will begin downloading all my lost work back onto my computer’s spanking new hard drive! So thank God I listened to you and that I have such kind and responsible commenters who talked sense into me!! You have saved me!!!!

    It’s probably too soon to celebrate but I am optimistic that I’ll be back in business by next week. In the meantime? FORCED VACATION!!

    Or maybe some sketching, mini-blind cleaning, sewing, receipt-adding-up for taxes etc…etc… I think this hiccup was just what the doctor ordered.

    If you need me, call me. Though I am checking email obsessively on my phone of course. I can’t be completely unplugged.

    p.s. Go back-up your hard drive.