Family Matters

A Thank You from my Dad!


Hi everybody! My dad wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your response on his glove post. :)

We did not expect such a huge response from Brenda’s blog. We sold more than 40 pairs of gloves. After shipping out everything I had in stock, the orders kept coming in. I sent a Rush Order to my supplier for more gloves but it took over a week for my order to ship. The order arrived yesterday and we have packaged all of your orders and they will ship today Tuesday. I hope everybody has their gloves by Friday.

I would love to get some reviews about how well these gloves are holding up to their billing. Please send the reviews to my I am hoping to post them on our website.

Thank you!



  • Kalli

    I received my package so quickly – thank you, Tom! I knew as soon as I read your post that these gloves would be perfect for my step-dad (appropriately named “Tom” :) ). They are part of his Christmas present, so I’ll drop a note once he’s tried them out. He’s been working for over 55 years in heavy construction and big machines, in all weather and situations, so I am sure he will love them! I’ll keep you posted. Good luck on your new business!


    I bought a pair for my father-in-law. He’s not a trucker but has a small farm and it seemed perfect! Thanks for the idea!

  • Jenna

    I bought some for Hubby for Christmas…he’s been my knight in shining armor one too many times on cold and rainy nights chainsawing the downed tree in the middle of the road that keeps me from driving the rest of the way home. So I figured he deserved a pair. Good luck Tom!!!