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Catch-Up News Up


Need a last minute Mother’s Day gift? I’ve got two magnet crafts for you at Alpha+Mom. This one is made out of a frappuccino lid which should be an excellent excuse for you to make a trip to Starbucks for their frappy happy hour. Unfortunately they are NOT a sponsor. I wish they would sponsor me.

While we were making fun magnets for mother’s day I spray painted some alphabet magnets as a photo prop (as seen above in a handy instagram photo). I think they turned out the best. So if you’re not afraid of can of spray paint, you might want to give mom some pretty pink glittery letter magnets!

Time for Bed, Bunny!

I also have two bunny books out now! Time for Bed, Bunny! and

Time to Get Ready, Bunny!

Time to Get Ready, Bunny!

Time to Get Ready, Bunny! has been out for a while. I’m working on Time to Eat, Bunny! but that one is still in my head.

And that’s all my news for now! Hopefully I’ll have more news soon. I’ve got lots of projects in the works and of course tails of catastrophes that go along with them.