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Book Tour Day 19: Another R!

R is for Rosemary

Here’s a funny thing: we have two R’s in the book tour. Today was supposed to be a letter “S” day but S is going to post tomorrow so it’s a good thing we double-booked the letter R! And then to make it even more confusing the blog posting for R starts with the letter S. I know, your head just exploded. Welcome to my club. But it’s a good thing! I say, don’t think about how I screwed up the alphabet, think of it as a bonus! Two R prints for the price of one (which would be free so really it’s neither here nor there)!

Good thing I’m my own boss. Otherwise I’d be fired.

So please! Visit my new friend Sara Rosemary and read even more about me. Are you sick of me yet? I am. But her post is really sweet and I appreciate it. Thank you Sara!

And later I owe you guys a post about how I’m losing my mind. Seriously, 3am headaches and all.