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    New Work Space!

    new workspace

    I’m interrupting my diligent work on my profit and loss reports to bring you this post. Did you know that filing for divorce is like filing your taxes? So guess who is in paperwork hell today as I tally up all my invoices and subtract my mountain of receipts? ME!

    Remember how I vowed to convert to an electronic system last April when I did my taxes? Didn’t happen. But the good news is I’ll be ready this coming April. Or at least January through September will be ready. Anybody want to volunteer to come visit me and set me up with apple money or some other such program that will log all kinds of paypal and banking reports for me? I’ll be your best friend and make you cookies or something.


    Good news: I have a new work space. You can see it up there. That’s my trailer park carport turned into an outdoor country kitchen. I’m not into country or anything (hold off on sending me those duck towels) but the work space is awesome. I really love it. As you know, I’ve been writing more craft tutorial posts on other sites these days and I’ve been having an awful time photographing them in my windowless kitchen. Every step of the way I have to open my carport door and stick whatever I’m photographing outside with one hand (the camera’s in the other) so I can get some natural light on my subject.

    It wasn’t going very well with the dog and the cat and the flies and the kid coming in and out when they weren’t supposed to. Everyone was always going the wrong way and I do not have a screen door. I can’t just go down to Home Depot and buy one either because I live in a TRAILER with a mini door that does not conform to big box standards. I could find one on a camper or something but that is just not going to happen any time soon and I don’t really feel like buying one of those rolling expandable screen doors either because I’m just a dollar short and a day late or something or other. See above paragraph about profit and loss reports.

    new country table

    But now I have a lovely table to work and photograph on. One step at a time! Before I didn’t even have a camera so I’m actually making tons of progress at life this year. One of these days I’ll be a regular well-oiled machine, probably about the time I have to move into a teeny tiny apartment and start all over again with some new challenges. That’s life, right?

    I almost forgot to share where the table came from! It’s my sister-in-law’s. I think my brother found it in a dumpster. My sister-in-law doesn’t even know I’m borrowing it. It was at my mom’s under a giant pile of boxes just getting dusty and full of black widow eggsacks so I think CC will be happy to know it’s being used and loved. And yes, CC, I promise I won’t spill paint or anything toxic on it. It’s mostly just for photographing.

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