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    The Royal Fifth Birthday Princess Party

    Princess Bug

    The princess party was a smashing, over-the-top, regal affair. It was the perfect day for a backyard party! Blue skies, warm breezes…who knew!? I’ve always fretted about Bug’s winter birthday. I worry about the weather and people chickening out when the roads get slick, or choosing chicken noodle soup over cupcakes because it’s such a hassle to get kids in and out of the house to be somewhere at a certain time on their day off. What can I say, I’m a worrier by nature. Thankfully, I’m almost always proven wrong. Maybe because I worry so much? Who knows.


    But I’m probably not going to stop being a worrier. It seems to be my good luck charm. The things I forget to worry about are always the things that go wrong! I worried about the weather; it was perfect. I worried about the tablecloths; they were perfect! That bed canopy thing that I bought for two bucks or something was the perfect table runner! I thought I was going to have to pull off some kind of crazy origami sewing project, so I allowed extra time just for setting the table and guess what? It was the exact right size to go over the cheap plastic tablecloths and dangled down just enough on both sides. I couldn’t believe it. Thrift stores, I love you.

    bounce house collage1

    Princess Hannah

    The Royal Bounce House Ball was a bouncing success, of course. Those princesses bounced their little pink fluffy hearts out. The music, maybe not so much. We rigged up my Dad’s iPhone in an iPhone dock and played “joyful waltzes” from my very own personal Pandora station. It would have been perfect except I didn’t buy the party amp to make the music loud enough to hear over the bounce-house blower. I kind of forgot about that blower. It was a choice between the party dock or something that would look nice in my house after the party and unfortunately for the party, I chose the sleek smaller design with less boombox sound.

    You could still hear the music, it just wasn’t as atmospheric as I had wanted it. Sometimes you gotta let things go though.

    Fairy Godmother Great Grandpa King Coyle


    One of the best things about the party is how even the older guests dressed up. I think they know me! It made my day. My mom was the best. She sewed herself a crazy purple sequined skirt in about two minutes and then flounced around the party bippity-boppity-booing and giving out fake jewels and necklaces to everyone. What makes it even more amazing is that she also sewed the Bugalicious Pink Party Flags the morning of and cooked the french fries. Now you know where I get my over-achieving party skills from.

    me and my mom

    I love my mom. And check out my dress! It fit!!!


    I even sword-fought in it!

    cling clang! I am victorious!

    And was victorious!


    Don’t mess with the Queen Mother.


    And I bounced in it!

    But who cares about me. This party was all about Bug!!!

    one thing!

    Except I didn’t take as many pictures of her as I should have because I was running around like a Queen Mother with her head cut off. Just call me Anne Boleyn, or was that Mary Queen of Scots? One of those queens. Queens do tend to get their heads cut off frequently. I’m pretty sure Bug still had a good time though, in spite of my headlessness. Maybe she was a sugar-powered blur that couldn’t be caught on camera. Yeah, that’s it.

    I’m so glad Madge got this video because I didn’t get a single picture of her blowing out her candles. Shame, shame, shame on me. Note to self: next time delegate a photographer. Pay them if you have to! But Deb and Toby did get quite a few really great shots.

    Deb and the cupcakes


    Deb was my own personal Cinderella. She came out the night before and helped me so much. She made the icing, iced the cupcakes, made a pattern and cut out the princess crowns for the tiara craft (that got sadly neglected because the bounce house was just way more fun). She mixed us up some magical margaritas from the lemons and tangelos that I picked from my own backyard (to help keep me awake, she says) and helped me set up a light summery Italian wine station for the older royalty.

    dessert and beverage bar

    princess drinks!

    They were so yummy! I recommend stopping by Trader Joe’s and perusing the Italian wine section if you want to get your hoity-toity midsummer-night’s-dream drink on. So cheap too—$5 and under!


    Deb woke up with a stiff neck the day of the party (probably due to me pushing coffee on her the day before and making her sleep on a futon on the floor) but she powered through and kept on helping. I don’t even think anyone noticed she was in pain. She even jumped behind the barbecue at one point and flipped a few burgers when my Dad (who I had delegated way too many jobs to) got called away. She pretty much saved the day.

    royal hamburgerettes

    Speaking of hamburgers, we made little sliders or royal hamburgerettes as I like to call them. Bug’s favorite food is McDonald’s, sadly, so I did my best to fit that into the princess theme. We made homemade buns (I’ll have to blog that recipe someday, it’s easy and delicious) and tiny little patties flavored with powdered ranch dressing. They tasted pretty good, when they were hot. But I probably should have had somebody swing by MickyDees and to pick up 20 happy meals instead because no matter how hard I tried to get all the food on the table at one time, the hamburgers were about 20 degrees too cold by the time anyone got to eat them. It was sad.

    royal curly fries

    Even the fries were cold. Too bad. So sad. But they did taste good warmed up the next day. So there’s that.

    pretty please with a cherry on top?

    The cupcakes, however, were delicious! I made them too. They weren’t even a box mix! I actually followed a somewhat complicated recipe that Bethany emailed to me especially for the occasion. She’s blogged it here. If you bake and you like cupcakes, these are a MUST. Delicious and about a thousand calories each!

    sitting pretty cupcakery

    eating ketchup perhaps?

    I think the little girls enjoyed the food. The ketchup and the candy at least!

    new and improved princess packs

    set for a princess lunch is served

    All in all, the food didn’t really matter. It was just so great to be surrounded by so many friends. I was afraid they wouldn’t come, you know? I have a lot of family out here in the sticks but most of my friends had to make the drive from the OC and an hour and a half is no commute to sneeze at. Something funny happens when you live at the beach. Anything farther than 20 minutes away seems likes it’s days away. We like to stay put in our cozy little towns and save gas or something. I know this because that’s how I was. So I was super thankful that so many of my friends made the effort to come and spend the day with us.

    Princess Calee and her little one Princess Madison

    Of course some of them came from across the street, but still! It meant the world to me and Bug.

    me and my best friend from 2nd grade

    My best friend Tamie (she goes by Tamara but I get to call her Tamie) from SECOND grade was even there. It was awesome.

    Tamie is singing me an aria

    I think she’s singing me a serenade here…or just talking. With Tamie, you never know!

    King Coyle and Prince Papa My Dad is home!

    It was really sweet to have my dad home for the party, and my grandpa too since I am living and throwing a party in HIS house. He seemed to like how I’ve fixed up the place. Phew!

    opening Daddy's presents

    Even Toby was there. Bug is so loved. And blessed.

    princess this, princess that such nice paper!

    And spoiled rotten. I think next year we are going to have to have a no-present policy. First, because I want her to appreciate gifts more, and second, because we have reached the Disney Princess saturation point. Bug is in heaven. She loves it all and would take more but I’m starting to feel like I’m in fuchsia hell.

    when the guests get bored, try paper bag tricks

    Just kidding. You know I loved it too.