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a thank you

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Heather sent over the paypal money yesterday and it was a lot. I only needed $130 for a craft desk but apparently my wonderful friends (probably you and you and you too) on the internet think I need 27 craft desks! I could teach a class! Seriously though? I’m floored. I’m just a blubbering idiot who can’t think of the right ways to say thank you.

I haven’t seen the email addresses yet or the notes that came along with the donations. Heather is organizing all that for me so that the people that wanted to be anonymous can stay anonymous. I’m sure it’s going to make me cry. I wanted to hand paint postcards for everyone who donated but Heather said the donators probably didn’t want their money going to postage. So I had to think of something I could give away here free.


This is something I had saved away on my computer for some imaginary book deal I might get someday. But you know what? I don’t need no stinkin’ book deal right now! I need a thank you download. So I’m giving this to you. It’s little. But maybe you can go buy yourself a coffee or your friends some coffee or some hot chocolate for some little kids and you can wrap these little pink bears around your cups and pretend it’s a thank you hug from me.


Because that’s what I’d really like to give all of you right now. And then maybe somehow when we were hugging, I could transfer mentally how overwhelmed with thankfulness I feel.

I just don’t know what to say. Maybe you guys know what I need more than I do.

Please, download, print and share!

Thank you.


  • Amanda

    Well you know how to make me cry! Glad doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel that you are able to get your table. It’s the perfect time of year to give…and apparently give we did. You deserved it!! :D

  • Ashley

    Sometimes when you’re miles away from people you care about, you feel helpless to help. We all care about you and Bug and watching from afar, you both face such a trying time is hard. So when the opprotunity arises to do anything that helps, we jump on the wagon!

    So glad to hear you’ll be able to get your desk and I can’t wait to see the pictures that come with it!

  • Julia

    You’re a wonderful person and deserve every penny that was donated. I hope you have fun with the money – please do something like a massage for yourself with it too! :) Merry Christmas Brenda and Bug!

  • Kerri Anne

    Days like today, I want to tell everyone how truly fantastic the Internet is. But really it’s all about the people behind the Internet. Friends, as it were.

  • Mrs. Wilson

    THAT IS SO ADORABLE! I’m going to print one (or some) when I get home!

    I’m not really surprised that many people wanted to bless you – it’s proof that they (we) all love you and that God loves you even more than that to want to bless you with friends that are so happy to and feel so blessed to be able to help you out. I’ve been on my own raising a (beautiful) daughter before and I’ve received gifts that I had no way of repaying or thanking someone for and I know the huge burden that a gift like this can lift – and I know the feeling of not being able to figure out how to say the huge thank you that I wanted to.

    Bask in the blessing!!!! Merry Christmas, my friend!


  • Marci

    I felt that pink bear hug! I did!

    You’ve brightened my desk space and my home with sweet illos, delightful little paintings, and cool mugs. Not to mention coloring my brief time on the Internet. Thank YOU!!

    Merry Christmas to you and Bug! :)

  • haitian american family of three

    I am SO glad your getting that awesome desk! Maybe the extra money can go towards other art and design stuff…mm….…I could spend a lot of money there :)

    If your ever interested in talking about licensing and selling your work at the trade shows, please let me know, you have a real talent and style some of the BIG art reps love, not to mention the big companies like target, etc.

    Love the cup holder!

  • Becca

    Oh my, Bugs face is too precious! Love it!

    You deserve every single bit – enjoy it and don’t forget to take pictures to show off :)

  • Becca

    That is supposed to be – show off the desk and such you buy. Sorry, brain is moving slow and I’m not finishing thoughts…

  • simply heidi

    Brenda, consider it as a tiny reimbursement for all the good that you have put out there for people. Thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place!
    (I know I just used a giant cliche, but it’s true!)

  • Melissa

    You share your life and talents with us regularly – it’s the least many of us feel we can do to to say thanks to you!

  • Lady in a Smalltown

    My bear is hugging a bottle of ginger ale right now. How can we not have wanted to help. You give so much to all of us with your photos and your stories and your art. I told you in an email that I think of the bloggers I read as my soap opera, All My Bloggers. And just how characters in a soap opera are inexplicably linked, so are many of you.

    Some day you will come to Vermont, and we will meet up, and we will be inexplicably linked.

    Best wishes for a joyful holiday and here’s to a blessing filled new year.

  • Sumiko

    Bethany said it so well . . . we truly are just as blessed as you are! I am always so inspired by your creativity, touched by your tenderness and challenged by your outlook and resolve in the face of adversity. Blessings and much love to you and Bug!

  • Beverley

    What a perfect way to say thank you :) I am thrilled that you are able to get your table and whatever else you’ll need! May you have a wonderful Christmas.

  • auntie keren

    I forgot to give you the packet of nail-jewels yesterday!!! They were right next to you on the shelf. Sorry.

  • Kimberly

    I was v happy to have the opportunity to do something to help you guys get started in your new life. I’ve been wishing you guys so many good thoughts, but like someone mentioned above, it’s hard when you live far away from someone (and don’t even really “know” them, the internet is so weird ;-)) who you’d really like to do something nice for. I’m grateful that Heather organized it.

  • Poppa Ken

    Brenda, God is certainly watching over you … moving the hearts of all who support you and well, love you. You are worthy. See ya when I see ya back in Texas.

  • Ninabi

    My wicked grinchy black heart grew just a little when I read of all the good will and blessings sent your way.

    Enjoy it. Really and truly do. We all love you and believe you do amazing and wonderful things and wanted to make sure your good story (your delightful blog of your life) continues on a happy road. Can’t wait to see what good things happen next for you! Merry Christmas!

  • Linda

    Just know we all gave it with such pleasure that we would love for you to receive it with teh same pleasure, just know you deserve it and enjoy it.
    Was so gla dto help in my own small way. Share photos and show us teh desk pleeaaase

  • BeachMama

    I don’t even know if I could write a comment that compares to some of the ones already left but I can try. Brenda, you have Blessed us all in some small way and when the time came we all wanted to come out and lift you up. Take this small thank you that we could give and feel the Love behind it all. When you give,as you have done so often for others, God will Bless you ten fold.

  • OMSH

    I’m so glad you didn’t go out and mail everyone a card; this is sooooo much better. I guarantee you no one wanted you to waste money on them–they want you to use it on YOU!

    YOUR heart is enormous and you’d do the exact same thing for others.

    I am excited to see what you do in your freelance work; the Lord has already blessed you immensely–He’ll walk you and Lena right through all of this.

  • noe

    <3 bethany's comment!
    I think that's the way we all felt…
    Merry Christmas Brenda, Bug and Dog!
    Have a great start of the new year!

  • Anamarie


    When you buy all the goodies, can you make sure and share the experience/stuff on your blog? I contributed a teensy bit and would love to see you decided to procure for your new home!