• Ninabi

    She took my breath away. So lovely. What a perfect costume.

    Miss Clavel would be fun! (thinking of black sheets at Target and how I made a costume pretty quickly using those) BUT you are the Queen of Cardboard Creations so the Eiffel tower would be something amazing.

    Bug is precious. That is one of the sweetest costumes ever. The hat, oh the hat, too!

    Glad you are having a good time in Texas!

  • Kari

    [GASP] Brenda – you have GOT to rent a nun costume!!! That would be so so so awesome! The Madeline books were my favorite when I was a girl – it makes me so happy to see Bug dressed up as her!

  • pinky

    I have to keep coming back to look at this photo – I loved the Madeline books when I was a little girl, and this is like she has come to life!

    (I did see premade Madeline costumes online a few weeks back, but even in professional photos you can tell that they are just cheap as can be, they are pricey to buy and I bet they don’t hang nicely at all. This is just perfect!)

  • gingermog

    Hi Bug is adorable in her outfit. Your Aunt Keren is so talented. I wish I could have a little Madeline knocking on my door at Halloween. I better get my pumpkin bought and carved as its a sign I have sweeties to give to the local kids. Not everyone joins in the fun over here, but one neighbor has spider webs and several pumpkins leading up the garden path. Hmm maybe they are American? As a kid we couldn’t get pumpkins where I lived so we had to be inventive with turnips. Not as impressive but they really do look like whizzened, shrunken heads. Spooky. Apparently the circular stone things on our gateposts date from the time we did carve scary heads to keep evil spirits away from our homes. Whoops I’m rambling xxx

  • Lisa

    O.M.G. I am a longtime reader, first time commenter, and this costume is so delightful I must remark upon it and the cuteness of the Bug while wearing it. Cute!!!

  • Another Amy

    Oh my!! My daughters went through a huge Madeline Love In phase and would have died for this costume X2! Completely adorable on her.

  • Auntie Keren

    P.S. if you cut a 6″X 20 strip piece of white poster board, make it into a flat cylinder, secure it on top of your head with a white scarf crossed under your chin and tied in back, drape your whole bod with black fabric: viola! chez nun!

  • Gramma

    Not so very, very long ago I had a five-year-old who had to have a “pumpkin” costume. I made one, sewing diamond shaped pieces together,,,I even made a facing for inside the neck and a hook and eye. At the bottom I sewed bias tape and inserted elastic, then sewed across the middle to form leg holes. This was to be stuffed with crumpled up newspaper to make it nice and fat.

    Alas, and alack!!! She wore the costume upside down and strapless and with the pixie hat. As she paraded across the stage at Middleton Valley Elementary School her brother and two sisters wished they could find a hole to fall into. Everyone knew who she belonged to.

  • katherinemarie

    She is soooo stinkin ADORABLE! I think it would be perfect if you went as a nun!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!