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Super Deluxe Dish Rack of Happiness

nice rack

I bought a new dish rack yesterday and it made me extremely happy. I can only attribute my bizarre joy over such a mundane ordinary household object to the fact that I’ve been feeling low-level crappy for a long time and buying something new just for me made me feel really special and cared for. It’s funny how you can train yourself to do without and do without and then when you finally give in and buy that thing you wanted for so long it seems like the best THING ever.

super deluXe smooth edges

I’ve needed a new dish rack for over a year but have been putting up with the old moldy one because I told myself that if I really needed a new one I could just pull out a towel and hand dry them myself. Except I hate hand drying dishes! I hate it with a passion. I will stack and balance a mountain of wet dishes so high it causes avalanches of broken dishes before I break out a towel to dry them by hand. I don’t know why I am this way but I am.

I could probably write a novel on the nuances of why this dish rack makes me happy and what is going on in my life but my fifteen minute window of blogging is over. Maybe I’ll touch on those deeper issues another day.


  • ioi

    This made me smile. Maybe it’s hereditary because I’d rather stack dishes to the ceiling and take my chances of them falling over drying them by hand too. :) Besides, drying dishes takes time that can be better used doing something else while the AIR drys them for you!

  • natalie

    If it makes you feel better, I have that EXACT SAME dish rack, and it made me just as happy as it seems to be making you. My husband thought I was crazy, but I informed him that it doesn’t take much to make me happy, so obviously he should be relieved.

  • beck

    How lovely! I am totally the same way. Would MUCH rather risk breaking dishes and even my own childrens well being (dishes that come crashing down at the slightest breath) instead of hand dry. Where did you get that rack? I LOVE IT. And I need one too.

  • sizzle

    The other day I gave myself the luxury of buying myself some dahlias. It felt a bit decadent but it made me smile. Maybe those flowers are to me what your dish rack is to you?

    Hope things look up.

  • nicole i

    i hate towel drying my dishes too. i would rather have entire counter (my counter is super small) piled with wet dishes soaking on tea towels and an over stacked drying rack than dry them with a towel.

  • MargieK

    We’ve always had a cheaper looking kind of dish rack that was plastic (or maybe rubber?)-covered metal — and Calee, I’ve never seen one WITHOUT a bin/basket for draining silverware.

    Yours looks really nice, Brenda. I hate doing dishes (my husband seems to like the job, but perhaps it’s more because he hates seeing “dirty” dishes stacked on the sideboard… they’re not really “dirty,” because he “rinses” them so thoroughly with a scrub brush). We still have one “kid” left at home who does the dishes most of the time.

    Oh, and on those rare occasions when I do dishes, I stack them up, too. If they don’t all fit in the dish rack, I set a kitchen towel on the counter and stack the extras there. Lucky for us, it’s really dry here, so dishes dry pretty fast.

  • Sonja

    Sounds like the way I feel about my can opener. Every time I opened a can, I thought “I HATE this can opener. It’s a piece of crap. Grrrrr.” And I did that for NINE YEARS. And then it finally pinched me so bad that it drew blood and I went to BB&B and bought a new one, and I LOVE it.
    And that was probably TMI. But still. Me and my new can opener? So happy together.

  • ~moe~

    Love this rack! I had one like this, without the silverware holder, when I was in college. I miss that rack. My BF uses a plastic one that gets just nasty and I want to just burn it. Maybe I’ll have to buy one of these and swap it out. :) Love it!

  • Susan

    I like that–“we let God dry the dishes.” I will let them stack up, and then in the morning I hear my husband (passive-aggressively) banging pots and pans as he puts the dry dishes away. My mother, on the other hand, INSISTS on drying the dishes when she is here, probably just to be useful since I won’t let her wash them.

  • Rachel

    That is a fine looking dish rack. I am glad it made your days better. I finally broke down and ordered this goat milk soap that I have been wanting for a long time. Now I get excited to wash my hands.

  • Barbara

    I love the section on the back that looks perfect for glasses — unlike the silverware holder, that part is new to me! Things that make your life easier are always worthwhile purchases.

  • jaynette

    I can’t believe you can just set it on the tiles and not put it over a draining tray. The draining tray drives me crazy…but then I have a dishwasher for most things.

  • gingermog

    Lol this reminds me of the glee had when we finally had a tray for the cutlery drawer and J sorted our cupboard and put clips to hold out brushes and mop so it didn’t all spill out at me when I opened the cupboard. I have a long list of tasks I need to complete as well. I know each one will make me feel a little bit better and not so submerged in stuff to do :)

    I’m off now to do some house work. Maybe I will even sort out the mess of boxes under our bed!