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weathering the weather


not a typical beach day windy

We made it outside for a walk and almost blew away.


watching the weather

The next day we stayed inside for what seemed like forever but then finally made it out to run errands and splash in some puddles.



It’s been pretty much business as usual but I have to admit I am missing the sun. I’d never make it in Seattle.


  • Ruth

    It must be a stressful time of year, because I’m feeling anxiety like crazy, too. Dragons breathing their hot stinky breath down your back is such a great analogy! Love the illustrations!

  • Victoria

    Ditto on the stressy feeling.
    Also, I live in Victoria, we’re the same weather in Seattle and at this time of year it is SO nice when we get a sunny day! Yay Sun!

  • noe

    i’m writing a letter to one of my pen friends today and I feel too SAJ as I started drawing stuff, and writing to her like your posts with all the drawings. :)
    It was cool.
    I just thought of you and had to come check your blog :)
    Loved the TY cards. Great idea!

  • Elda @ Peace-inthe-Storm

    LOVE the illos (sp?) — especially your dragon!

    California sunny weather is the best. We lived in Fallbrook for a few years and it was always perfect. Now we’re back in Texas, and although we see the sun plenty, we could do without the swarms of mosquitoes.

    I’m glad you let Bug splash around in the puddles. It’s so fun to watch them up until you have to peel the wet muddy clothes off of them.

  • Rachel

    I really like your drawing journal pages. Somehow your ordinary days are transformed into an oasis of fun with cartoons and captions. I really like coming to your site, thanks.

  • Kuky

    Have I told you lately how much I love your daily journaling? I’ve been eying my pens thinking about journaling too. So tempting but all mine would be so boring.

  • Melissa

    I know! We live on the other side of the port (in SP), and we’ve had the yucksterrific weather, too. My “poor” 20-month old doesn’t understand why we can’t go outside and go to the park like we do every other day! But (a) she doesn’t have boots like Bug does, (b) she won’t wear a scarf and hat, and (c) Mama doesn’t like being cold. :o)
    Glad you guys are making the best of it and crafting to fill up the time!

  • Becca

    I love your ilios. Your dragon and penguins are just perfect!

    Keep the rain as long as you want, I’m not ready to have it back. I’m enjoying the sun we’ve had the past few days. It is wonderful to not have to have the lights on inside at noon! And the swamp in my yard has dried out enough I don’t slip every time I venture across it. Maybe next week I will be ready to have some rain…

  • Lori

    It looks like Bug is really enjoying seeing the storm. It’s so wonderful to watch kids really see things for the first time (even if it’s not).
    As a former Californian, I think California is required to get crazy rainstorms at least once every five years or so. That way you guys don’t get TOO used to great weather. Plus, then us Oklahoman’s get to laugh because it actually made national news that SoCal had a thunderstorm.

  • BeachMama

    Oh my you are missing the sun?? We just saw sun today for the first time in 3 weeks! I was almost ready to pack my bags and move south. I can’t live in Vancouver mostly because of the lack of sunshine. I laid on my carpet in front of my big windows and just pretended I was at the beach :).

    I love your fun illos and look forward to seeing your next AlphaMom craft. One less deadline means more crafts??

  • Kimberly

    Haha…my mom is allergic to glitter (well, she gets all itchy around it, but I think it’s psychosomatic). I always forget this and wrap her presents in glitter speckled wrapping paper. She then forces me to re-wrap her presents and vacuum up any possible glitter speckles that have spilled from the original wrap. It’s ridiculous. :)

  • Kate

    Trust me, Seattle’s having nicer weather than you right now! Sunny and 55° today! Bee-YOU-tiful. Made me question the calendar, like, it’s April, right? Surely not January.

    I’m sure we’ll both be back to our normal weather soon. :)

  • lynne

    Hello, I just adore the photo of Bug staring out of the window at the rain. I love the sound of rain on a flat roof always reminds me of being home as a kid. As I grew up in Wales it rained a lot.

    I suffer from anxiety too, I think its in my nature to worry. Being a freelancer doesn’t help either juggling deadlines and several jobs at once. Somehow I have to have the faith it will be alright, some thing will come along and if the worst happens I still have all the people I love to help me and that’s the most important thing. Its so hard to have faith and trust. Maybe thats my lesson in life. Julian bought me some worry dolls fro Chhristmas, it might seem silly but whispering my worries to them before I go to sleep really helps me.

    I hope the weather keeps sunny for you guys. xx

  • Uncle George

    It’s finally stopped here after a week solid. Up to 60 mph winds. Flooding. But it’s Humboldt County and we are used to it. Just another day on the North Coast.