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house-sitting, haircuts and a party!


Bug and I are house-sitting and cat-sitting again. It sure is nice that Bethany goes out of town so much so we can roam around her house and live like kings. We haven’t been here very long though so I don’t have any amazing house-sitting/cat-sitting adventures to report yet. But Bethany does. She had a crazy adventure just trying to get to her traveling destination. You can read about it here.

painting a pumpkin


doo toot doo

So far we’ve squeezed in some pottery painting. Then we swooped back home really quick for a hair cut and to attend Whoorl’s super fabulous Gap Party in Beverly Hills. I know. Sometimes I even can’t believe my life. But don’t let me get ahead of myself. First the haircuts.


A while back Annalie and Bug got caught in Annalie’s closet playing with some scissors. I’m sure you can guess what they were doing. Bug has gotten in trouble for cutting her hair before so she should know better but she’s THREE and she watches me cut my own bangs in the bathroom mirror all the time so I’m not entirely surprised that she disobeyed me and went hacking away at Annalie’s bangs.


Of course I was mortified when I saw that Bug had cut Annalie’s bangs within an inch of her skull. Thankfully, Bethany and Troy are easy-going parents and nobody was too mad about it. Annalie ended up getting a cute haircut out of the whole mess and that was that.

so long!

Annalie was much kinder on Bug’s hair and only cut a bit of her side hair giving her some trendy side-swept bangs and maybe some texture on the back right side. It was all fine. It would grow out. But then I had to go and meddle with it.

I thought I’d just stop into a little barber shop next to the laundromat one day and ask the really nice barber woman (not to be confused with my regular hairstylist who is in these photos) to blend in Bug’s side bangs with some soft layers around face. It seemed logical to me.

I guess the woman didn’t hear me at all because she hacked Bug’s trendy side-swept bangs in a diagonal chop upwards toward the crown of her head that made absolutely no sense at all. It was shocking. I stopped her right in the middle of the hair cut, thanked her, gave her ten bucks and fled the store as fast as I could. It was a tragedy, not to mention a waste of ten bucks! But I didn’t really see any other way to fix it. I should know better than to just pop into a barber shop that is deserted.


I put up with the weird wedge bangs for about two weeks and then made an appointment with my real hair stylist for Bug and CC and I to get our hair properly cut and styled. We would make a “Girl’s Day Out” of it so that CC and I could have fancy hair for the party later that evening.

me before

For once, I actually had my hair cut on a day that I was going out that night. Usually, I end up pulling my hair back into a pony tail and showering before anyone sees it all blow-dried and pretty.

me after

I think my hair looked better in real life. The lighting was funny in the hair salon or maybe I just don’t match well with black and white hexagonal wall paper. Unfortunately, the swoopy curls fell out about a half an hour after I got home because it’s been extremely humid at my house lately. I tried to put the curls back in with my curling iron but that was just a hot sweaty mess.

CC before

CC got her hair cut too. CC has a mass of amazing curls. I like her hair just the way it is and as far as I’m concerned she should keep her hair this way until the end of time. But sometimes girls just need haircuts because they are fun to get. So even though everyone agreed that CC’s hair should stay the way it is, my hair stylist pulled some magic tricks out of her bag and made CC look like this just for fun:

CC after

It was amazing. CC looked like a model out of a shampoo commercial. Her hair flounced and bounced and swooped over her eye like a movie-star. But then when we got back to my house, the humidity got the best of her too and her old curls sprung back to her head like a flock of faithful little curly lambs following her wherever she goes. Good thing her curls are adorable.

born to snack

And then it was off to the Gap Party for CC and I while Bug stayed home with her Dad and had In-and-Out.

Beverly Hills

What’s this Gap Party, you’re wondering? Well, I’m not sure exactly what it is myself but I think Gap is throwing these parties with bloggers all over the country to help them launch their new line of jeans called “Born to Fit.” I’m just lucky enough to know one of those bloggers who is part of it. What can I say? It’s good to have friends with pretty hair and connections.

me and whoorl

the store

It was terribly fun. Drinks, friends, tiny food (Why oh why didn’t I take a photo of the tiny food?!! It was so cute.) and free jeans!

trying on jeans

I tried on several pairs and surprisingly it wasn’t as horrible a experience as trying on jeans usually is for me. I actually found more than one pair that fit and CC and I had a hoot taking photos and generally being bloggers about the whole thing. Drinks and cameras are always a good thing in the dressing room, no?

changing room toes

Abigale and CC

We made some new friends and left the party with two sweet pairs of new jeans.

they look big but they fit


  • Aunt Jaynette

    Looks like a lot of fun.

    I missed the connection…how was this whoorl party?

    And which styles did you and cc get.

    Love the red shirt.

    SAJ says: Sorry about that. I tried to add in a paragraph about Whoorl and how she is connected with The Gap. She’s called a “brand enthusiast.” You’ll probably be hearing it about the internet… Regarding the jeans, I got the “Long and Lean” and CC got the “Sexy Boot” I believe. I really wanted the Boyfriend jeans but I already have two pairs of jeans like them in my “mom uniform” collection so I opted for something different. They are very nice and fit too! Thanks!

  • bethany actually

    Man…now I’m bummed I missed out on this. But hey, at least I got to, uh, be on a plane that had pieces falling off it and spend two hours standing in line at LAX and spend the night unexpectedly in Dallas? Wait, that doesn’t sound like a good deal!

    But I have to tell you, I think Annalie’s been paying attention to you because she kept saying things like, “This is just like an adventure!” It cracked me up.

  • pinky

    man, I’ve been blogging for eons and have never gotten free pants out of the deal! :-)

    SAJ says: If I was throwing a free pants party I would invite you in a second!

  • franticallysimple

    Where’s Bug’s after photo?

    SAJ says: I know. We failed on that. Actually, the photos you see are her after’s…she just didn’t want the scary blow dryer used on her head. But I will post a photo of her with her hair down soon so you can see how sweet she looks with soft bangs.

  • Kuky

    So weird you talking about hair today of all days. I woke up this morning, well actually after noon and was drawing about me thinking about getting a haircut. And then here I come over to read and you got a haircut!

    And wow CC’s hair! Did they straighten it and then put the big curls in? It’s amazing her little curls popped back with the humidity. Her little curls are sooo pretty. Alan’s asking, “they’re like that when she wakes up?” Ha ha! Alan’s asking about hair.

  • Sarah

    We girls are going to have to start wearing climate-controlled astronaut helmets after we get our hair done. I went out the other night with great hair – long straight locks flowing here, there and everywhere. Then along came the cool, evidently slight damp evening air and *BOOF* my hair was shorter, wavy and – best of all – three feet wide.

  • Nis (and MK)

    The haircuts are great…you look awesome at the party! Isn’t it fun to actually get your hair done on a day when you have somewhere to go??!! I have to admit that I have turned into a “free makeover” junkie at the MAC counter for special occasions… I just don’t have the skill or patience to make myself look 1/4 as good as they can. It’s fun to be fussed over. Also wanted to let you know that we received our postcard today…super, super cute and MK was very excited to get mail! :) I love your “junk” mail by the way. Why is it that I only get my city newsletter, the REI sale catalog, and every permutation of Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel/Restoration Hardware? I need to get on some prettier mailing lists. Anyway, we’ll send one back soon…pen pals!

  • Jen

    LOVE the before and after shots! You two look AMAZING!! Too bad about the humidity, but I agree, CC’s curls are adorable.

    Glad you had fun at the GAP party!!

  • Brittany

    I love the shirt you’re wearing in the gap picture. Is it new? If so, do you mind saying where you bought it?

    SAJ says: It’s actually a dress I bought in 2008 from Bloomingdales. I looked up the brand, it’s Studio M… not sure if that really helps. I do love it as a shirt though. Maybe someday I’ll cut it off. :)