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So, yeah. I’m pretty dense sometimes.

beating the sun to the beach

I feel pretty silly now for getting all worked up about the preschool incident. I guess it was a good lesson learned by me. I’ll probably hear opinions from teachers from now until Bug’s graduation so it’s probably wise that I learn to smile and nod early on. I do think the teacher meant well but obviously she doesn’t know us very well yet.

donut face

I do feel like an idiot for being so insecure about something that I should not be. Bug and I do a lot every day. And deep in my heart I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her. Sure, she frustrates me at times and the teacher tapped right into our latest battle but these frustrations are nothing new or monumental. It’s just part of being a mom of a very vocal three-year-old.

I am so blessed and thankful.

A lot of that thankfulness is directed back at you readers who keep coming back everyday with encouraging and insightful (and funny!) comments. You guys really hit your point home and I have had a complete change of mind because of it. I don’t know why I doubted myself so much in the first place. Thank you.

beach puddles

Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program!

beach boots


  • Angella

    I’m a day late for the encouragement (Stupid work), but I know for a FACT that you two are awesome. I have seen it in person.

    I seriously need to get a pair of those boots for Emily.

  • jenB

    I am also late, but I want to hug you and squeeze you and make you believe that you are doing fantastic and baby bug is a great little peanut. Mucho love.


  • Jackee

    While I have been known to ruin and warp my three children (now grown, successful adults) I remember the good intentions of the “Pre-school teacher”. And then the K-6th teacher…, and while we put so much emphasis on the teacher as a professional, they are just people, sometimes not really good parents even (as you will find out and then shreik OH NO!)
    I am only a blog lurker, but I think Bug is adorable and your genuine love and care comes through in your blog. You could turn off the PC or laptop and then go and abuse your kid, but somehow I don’t think she’d be smiling so sweetly and silly.

    Take it in stride, examine the small truths and love your baby girl and Move On. She’ll soon be a teen and then you really will have to blog!

    P.S. Loved her green birthday.

  • BeachMama

    Ahh see, now I read that you know you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Glad you are doing better and gosh, I just love Bug at the beach. Despite our really awesome Spring day, I could use a shot of the beach right now. Thanks.

  • lori

    from my experience as a private school director, i will share my way of dealing with these situations. you listen to what they have to say. then you say, “okay. i’m going to think about this and then talk with you.” then talk with them the next day or whenever you feel cool, calm, collected, and reasonable about it. but at least a day later.

    you have your first, emotional reaction to what they say (i’ve experienced this from both sides — teachers and parents) then if you *really* think about what they said, *sometimes* there is some useful information or truth there. or maybe an understanding is revealed on their part that you can clear up. you have time to put what they have said into perspective.

    sometimes what they say about your child isn’t *generally* true but is true in terms of the classroom. sometimes it just isn’t true at all and has more to do with the teacher’s prejudices. you need time to parse it all.

    if you wait until you feel calm and secure about your point of view, you have a much better chance of putting it across that way. if you react emotionally, it doesn’t matter *what* you say, they’ll just remember your high-pitched voice and pink face.

    you always have the upper hand, too, when the other person is the emotional one!

    okay, i could go on and on about this, srsly, but i’ll spare you! ;^)

  • Gayle

    Doubting yourself is part of being a mom, too! (At least for me it is!) I think that it is just part of my quest to be the best mom that I can be.

  • Ev

    Your fine & so is Bug. If she is around kids this age SHE should know better. Anywho love the boots. I seen them on another site! Too cute!