ups and downs

Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. And sometimes you’re stuck on the couch watching endless daytime tv because you’re holding a sick baby who only stops crying when she’s snuggled up in your arms. Baby Bug caught her first flu bug yesterday. Talk about milestones… this was definitely a rite of passage for me. Puke, diarrhea, leaking diapers, fever, sad weepy clingy-ness. Phew! I’ve never felt so needed as a mom as I did yesterday. Toby tried to hold her but she would have none of it.

Usually Toby gets all her special smiles and happy gleeful shrieks down the hall. I feel like chopped meat because I’m the one who gets up with her at the crack of dawn and I’m the one who takes her all over the place. I’m the one who reads her the same book over and over and over… why don’t I get any special smiles or gleeful shrieks? I guess I’m just the mom and I’m supposed to always be there. But yesterday all those days and days of unending care paid off. When the going gets tough, only Mom will do. I’m not sure I should be proud of my clingy mama’s girl but I did feel special and loved.

I thought Baby Bug got sick because she picked up the most stinky, putrid, awful smelling piece of seaweed I have ever smelled, at the beach the other day but the doctor said she was 99% sure that it was just a virus. I guess the doctor would know since the flu is going around and that’s probably what she sees all day long. Can you imagine being the doctor on call for all the sick kids that come in all day? I can’t. But I’m so thankful there are such people. They must have super immune systems.

I’m happy to say that we both survived the day of puking and Baby Bug is feeling much better today. She hasn’t puked once. Yay!